Hey bookworms, HoneyKids is launching a Book Club!

Woop woop, it's time to get your reading glasses on people – the HoneyKids Book Club is your new reading BFF!

It’s no secret that the HoneyKids crew loves a good book. HoneyKids ed Amy and writer Jana both average around four to five a month while writer Shaneli gets through one to two (nerrrrds!). It’s our fave way to spend time on our commute to work or unwind on the weekend after a busy work week. And this means we’re always on the prowl for the best reads and talking about our latest finds. In fact, we spend a good 10–15 minutes every morning just talking about the books we’ve read! Which got us thinking: Why keep all this book goodness to ourselves? Why not share it with people who love books as much as we do or who want to start reading more? 

And thus, the HoneyKids Book Club was born. Every month, we’ll share our fave picks and talk about why we’ve got heart eyes over these particular books. Whether it’s because it’s devastated us to our cores or made us LOL like crazy people on the bus, you’ll get all the 411!

Why reading’s good for you

If you aren’t much of a reader, well, perhaps it’s time you got started. There’s a good reason why ever since you were a little kid, parents, teachers and other adults have been telling you how important reading is  – that’s because it is! It’s a great way to get that me-time in, plus delving into a great read really whisks you away from the world of dirty nappies and biting toddlers. The best part? It also reduces stress levels and makes you really THINK. Aaand if you’ve been wanting to get your kids to start reading, it’s always best to lead by example, right?

How to get started 

Picking a good book  – a book that really piques your interests – is a good way to start. Whether you’re into serial killers (no judging!), fluffy romances or dig a book that’s being turned into a movie, you won’t want to read a book – much less finish it – unless it’s something you’re really into. Also, it’s nice to read something that doesn’t involve dinosaurs or fairies every once in awhile! Not into lugging heavy books around or don’t want to invest in a Kindle? There’s an app for that – Kobo or the Kindle app. What’s more, they’re free, and there are also heaps of cheap-as-chips ebooks to get downloading!

We’ll see you next week for our first round-up of books!


The HoneyKids Team


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