Feeling fruity: birthday cakes made from fruit!

birthday cakes made from fruit
Forget the sugar overload and fondant fancy for your next bash, instead whip up one of these delish birthday cakes made from fruit!

There’s no parent who wants to have their child’s birthday bash ended abruptly by a serious food intolerance or allergy, so although we still love a big birthday cake in all its fondant glory, there’s a lot to be said for the new dawn of fruit birthday cakes. They’re easy, they’re fun and, most importantly, they’re delish (plus there’s not a scrap of gluten or nut dust to be found)…

Forget slaving in the kitchen for hours – days even – over a complicated birthday cake, this simple little number (pictured top) by ABC Content Board is easy, breezy and looks divine. Mix up your melons, people!

birthday cakes made from fruit

Photography: Modern Honey

Is it a pizza or is it a cake? It’s either (or even both!). Whip this up as a fun watermelon-based dessert after a serving of real pizza, or pop candles on it to turn it into a fruit birthday cake that everyone will want a slice of. Pop over to Modern Honey for full instructions.

birthday cakes made from fruit

Photography: Savory Experiments

Now here’s a different kinda birthday cake to hoot about: an owl carved out of a pineapple! Get instructions (and probably some practice ahead of time) from the good folk at Savory Experiments.

birthday cakes made from fruit

Photography: Julie Ann Events

Blueberries, strawberries and two types of melon make this a mouthwatering fruit cake any birthday kid would be happy to have. Pull it together with easy peasy instructions by Julie Ann Events. Leftovers? Turn them into smoothies!

birthday cakes made from fruit

Photography: Watermelon Friends

These amazing ideas by Watermelon Friends *may* take a bit of practice, but think of the wow factor when your child spots your efforts for the first time. And if it all goes wrong, just have our guide to emergency birthday cakes on standby…

birthday cakes made from fruit

Photography: Aprons & Strings

There won’t be a child at the party who won’t be suitably impressed by this three tier fruity wonder by Aprons & Strings. In fact, why stop keep on going, we say. Build it up as high as you can for extra parenting brownie points.

birthday cakes made from fruit LION

Photography: Martha Stewart

Take a look at the gorgeous fruit platter ideas by Martha Stewart, whack a candle or two in your creation and, voila, instant cool birthday cake creation. We especially love this sunny number, which is perfect, we think, for a tropical party in the Lion City! Cubs of all ages will love it for sure.

Lead image: ABC Content Board

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