New Year short retreats for mums: escape for a yoga, writing or wellness retreat close to Singapore

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The New Year is about you: Re-charge your batteries on a retreat from Singapore to focus your health, wellbeing and creativity on a short break minus the kids (and husband!)

There’s no time like the New Year to indulge in a retreat that’s all about your wellbeing. Hands up who fancies a sneaky little break away from being referee, chauffeur, cleaner, chef and entertainer? Being a mum is a busy job, and one that rarely comes with time off for good behaviour. While we all love life as a parent, sometimes it does get a little, well, exhausting. Which is why each and every one of us deserves a top-notch escape plan every now and then. No digging tunnels with spoons required… these short escapes from Singapore are sure to have you feeling more relaxed and inspired just as soon as you hit the ‘book it’ button. We’ve sourced some fabulous quick retreats, whether it be finding your inner peace with some yoga, discovering your creative side on a writer’s course (if you get published then don’t forget to thank us!), or simply having a few days away to re-boot your system and re-discover the side of you that isn’t always mummy…

Detox your body and your mind on a

Detox your body and your mind on a Kickstart Retreat with Bali Vitality

Healthy body, healthy mind
Why not give your body and mind a jumpstart to better health, wellness and throw in some weight loss into the bargain to boot? Pack your bags (minus nappies, dummies and other kid essentials you usually have to travel with) and head off to the beautiful island of Bali to retrain your body with new health habits courtesy of Bali Vitality. If your metabolism has taken a beating from yo-yo dieting and erratic eating, then it may be time to kickstart your healthier lifestyle with this retreat. Relax, unwind and take time out to concentrate on yourself over three days. The added bonus? Start and finish dates are completely led by you, so you can arrange the kids and the husband some daycare well in advance of you jetting away for this personal journey. The Kickstart Retreat package starts from US$895 and includes not only your accommodation and airport pick-up, but also a whole host of detox juices, powders and potions to snap your bod into wellness mode. Add in some massages, a facial and a couple of private yoga classes and you will be returning from this one not only looking fabulous but feeling it too.

Namaste your way to a peaceful retreat in Cambodia with Navutu Dreams

Namaste your way to a peaceful retreat in Cambodia with Navutu Dreams

No kids in tow? Namaste to that!
Whilst Siem Reap is an amazing destination for a fun-packed family holiday, it is also the ideal spot for a few days of realigning your chakras without the family there demanding your attention. With amazing history and culture, delicious local food, and the friendliest of people, Cambodia is the ideal destination for a perfect break away from everyday life. It’s also easy peasy to get there with direct flights available with Silk Air or Jet Star. We have discovered the perfectly gorgeous Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa, which is popular for its outstanding yoga retreats and all-round idyllic fabulousness. Its three day Yoga Mini Break will cost you from US$249 per person and includes lots of yoga, spa treatments, organic dinners and even some acupuncture (or a healing session instead if you are not keen on having needles poked into you). Get in touch with Navutu directly to check date availability and reserve yourself some peace and quiet!


Learn some new yoga moves and make some new friends just across the water in Bintan with Yoga Seeds.

Learn some new yoga moves and make some new friends just across the water in Bintan with Yoga Seeds.


If you want to stay a little closer to the Little Red Dot for your solo break well then it doesn’t get much easier, or closer, than Bintan! Jump on a ferry and sail away to Yoga Seeds for its three day Idyllic Yoga Getaway. Idyllic is the big clue here… this is the perfect retreat for mums who fancy waking up to a beautiful sunrise and indulging in daily yoga practice facing the calming sea. Plus, you get to end each day with Savasana under the stars as opposed to battling your toddlers for a full night’s sleep. The program is suitable for all levels of yoga experience and retreat dates for 2017 run from February through to November. Prices start at $499 and for that you get your accommodation, ferry tix, tons of yoga sessions (and workshops too) as well as all your healthy and delish food for the duration of your stay.

Rebalance your mind
We don’t know about you, but our kids have a tendency to leave our minds somewhat frazzled on occasion, and despite our limitless love for the little tykes, sometimes we just need less noise, less stress and the chance to breathe deeply and relax. Which is why we are loving the sound of a four-day Dharana Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat in Phuket. Retreats start from THB23100 (around $920) and include three meals per day, daily excursions, yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions, airport transfers and a whole heap of quiet, and dates run from January to June 2017.


Put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop) without being disturbed by the small people on the Batam Island Writing Retreat


Release your inner novel…
Writing can be tough when you have small people at your ankles demanding biscuits and hugs. So why not treat yourself to some time to yourself so you can release your inner JK Rowling without being interrupted by the littlies? Give daddy a check list of indoor play centres, cool local playgrounds and parks to run around in during your absence, and then sharpen your pencils, pack your notebooks and charge your laptop for a writer’s retreat. If you don’t want to stray too far from home then the Batam Island Fiction Writing Retreat run by Coill Creative Writing Workshops is ideal. The next retreat is running from 13-16 October 2017, and this fabulous wordy retreat includes substantial writing time, daily draft shares, optional workshops and an opportunity to network with other budding writers. All transport and accommodation details will be arranged for you. All you have to do is pitch up and start drafting! Prices start from $750, and don’t forget to pack your own favourite book to unwind with when you stop for a rest from your own words!


With peace, quiet, and a view like this, Editing in Paradise offers the ideal locations to bring your book ideas to life.

With peace, quiet, and a view like this, Editing in Paradise offers the ideal locations to bring your book ideas to life.

Sadly we missed the plane for the recent Editing in Paradise retreat in Bali , but with three retreats being planned throughout 2017, and with the aim of always having a Writer in Residence on all of its retreats, this is definitely one to bookmark. Jet off to Byron Bay in March, Ibiza in August or Bali in October to create your own genius at a paradise setting. This one is a splurge with costs starting from AUD$1770 plus airfare, but who can put a price on peace, quiet and creativity, eh?

Relax and say spa(aaaaah)!
If yoga or writing is not ticking your boxes for your planned escape from the kids, then how about staying close to home and treating yourself to a night or two at a spa? We love the quick boat ride across the Straits of Singapore and heading to Batam for a short pamper sesh at Tempat Senang. This small Balinese style spa and resort is set in tranquil surroundings (no kids within a good few miles!) and has great full-day packages which come with six gloriously relaxing treatments and a delectable Indonesian lunch. When you are not being pampered in the spa, throw on your bathers (don’t forget to check out our guide to the best swimwear picks for you to pack), pick up a book and just while the hours away with no demands from anyone or anything. Pure bliss.