Future World at ArtScience Museum Singapore: Is this Singapore’s best exhibit for kids?

Prepare to have your mind blown at FUTURE WORLD, ArtScience Museum’s new, immersive digital playground. Lose yourself in virtual cities, fantastical flora and fauna, and trippy light displays – while learning about nature, art and our place in the world

2016 is set to be an exciting year for the smalls; what with fun-packed indoor playgrounds, KidZania’s mini metropolis and MOSH’s virtual fireworks party and now… ArtScience Museum’s FUTURE WORLD gallery: an immersive digital realm, which brilliantly combines art and science. Think glowing globes, mesmerizing underwater scenes and celestial wonders. Here’s why you need to check it out, pronto…

Flowers.and.People.Cannot.be.Controlled.but.Live.Together..A.Whole.Year.per.Year (1)

Spanning over 1,500m, this digital playground features four main narratives: Nature, Town, Park and Space. We kicked off our journey at Nature, with a serene stopover at a room teeming with interactive flora and fauna. Don’t forget to pull out your cameras here – the room’s luminous flowers make gorgeous snaps thanks to its stunning play on light projection. Up next is a hynoptising film screening of animated oceans reacting to climate change. Beanbags are laid out here so you can sprawl out and get comfy – perfect for soothing cranky tots (heaven forbid!).

12801186_942516805801963_3570875798640593609_n (1)

At Town, see your sketches come to life on the big screen, design your own transportation network and create your own towers with illuminated life-sized building blocks. These are heavy so roll up the sleeves, and prepare to do all the lifting for the littles. Park’s our fave for playing and exploring; here, kids can create their own customised virtual hopscotch game, and fiddle with lighted orbs for mishmashes of sound and colour. We particularly loved the Sketch Aquarium, where kids draw their own sea creatures and watch them come alive in a virtual ocean –you can even feed them by touching the screen!

12799005_942516769135300_2435418229873476156_n (1)

Finally, the pièce de résistance (and our absolute fave) is Space’s uber trippy Crystal Universe. Packed with 184,200 LED lights, the breathtaking celestial room reacts to you as you walk through it, and can be customised through your very own smart phone.

We love a good ol’ outdoor playground any day, but digital playgrounds like Future of the world is a fab way for the kids to get creative with arts and science while learning about the world (and beating the heat). We can’t wait to be back; no two visits are the same at Future World, as the installations will constantly evolve over time. Tickets are $17 for adults and $10 for children from two to 12 years old, while a family pass for two adults and two kids is $44.