The Valentine’s Day movies we’re a little bit in love with…

Better than half a dozen roses is a snuggle with your loved one, a decent bottle of something and a good ol' romantic movie...

If you couldn’t get a babysitter for that romantic feast you had planned for this Valentine’s Day, fear not. All is not lost in the world of romance: put the kiddos to bed early (or at least try!), pop open a bottle of something cold, and snuggle up with these feel good, lovey dovey flicks. Rom-com and love stories are where it’s at this Valentine’s Day!

Silver Linings Playbook


This offbeat romance/comedy/drama gets us right in the heart. Two slightly broken and unconventional people (man of the hour Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence) cross paths and heal each other through an amusing dance partnership. Then love blossoms, warts and all.

When Harry Met Sally


It’s a classic of course and we never get tired of watching all the to-ing and fro-ing of emotions that goes into it. What makes it fun is not just Harry and Sally, but their best mates and the hairstyles. Oh, and that scene!

Garden State


We’re suckers for the soundtrack, and the story is not bad either in this Zach Braff directorial debut. Braff plays depressed, struggling actor Andrew, who returns to his home town for his mother’s funeral. He catches up with old mates, faces demons and meets Sam (Natalie Portman). Although Natalie Portman classes it as one of her all-time performance fails, we love it.

Love, Simon


While this feel good movie is as much about teen angst and the worry of living under a cloud of social disapproval, it’s also about love. Simon is gay, only nobody knows this yet. He’s not embarrassed by it and he’s not worried about it, but he wants to tell the world on his own terms, in his own time: preferably after high school. What Simon doesn’t bank on is meeting an online love interest who may just be The One, but who won’t reveal his identity. Funny, witty, sensitive and bucketloads of smiles in a movie that your other half will like just as much as you will.

The Notebook


Oh, that kiss. While Crazy, Stupid Love gives us amazing shirtless Ryan, The Notebook gives us romantic Ryan. Yes, the story is a little naff, we can’t help but wish we were in it. Plus we have a bit of a girl crush on Rachel McAdams.

Four Weddings and a Funeral


An oldie but a goodie: love is all around, left, right and centre in this nuptially focused film, and there are plenty of tears too. An American meets an Englishman and the path to true love runs anything but smoothly in this super funny, super lovely movie, but of course they get there in the end. We totally had a massive soft spot for Hugh back in the day (pre-Divine days!).

Date Night


Awesome comedy combo alert! Tina Fey and Steve Carrell play a married couple who have lost a little bit of their romantic spark but rediscover it in some unlikely situations. Marky Mark features in this one too. Like.

Bridget Jones’s Diary


A perennial charmer of a movie and one we never tire of, no matter how many times we see it. Colin Firth is perfectly British and stoic, while Hugh Grant is epic as a cheeky bad boy. And what’s not to love about Bridget and her ‘bottom the size of Peru’? We’ve all been ‘Bridget’ at some point in our lives which is probably why this is one of our all time favourite movies, romantic or otherwise.



There simply cannot be a roundup of Valentine’s Day movies without a nod to the epic romance that is Jack and Rose in Titanic. If only there had been more room on that damned bit of ship wreck.

Collateral Beauty


Kate Winslet is up again in this utterly charming movie that you WILL need a box of tissues on standby for. With its stellar cast including Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley and Helen Mirren, it is the clever tale of a father who writes letters to time, death and love following the sad passing of his daughter. It’s clever, it’s funny and yes, it’s a little bit (okay, a lot) sad in places. It got panned by the critics, but we loved it!

Crazy Rich Asians


Romantic movie of the moment, Crazy Rich Asians, showcases Singapore at its very best, and it’s worth a watch for that alone (and also to salivate over the amazing clothes and jewellery adorning the cast). If we’re honest (and we are) the movie wasn’t a patch on the book by Kevin Kwan, and the cheese factor ramped up too high even for us in places, but it still left us with smiles on our faces and a decent feel good factor. Also: Henry Golding is hot.

Pretty Woman


One of our favourite retro-but-still-cool movies of all time: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere give the age-old Cinderella tale a bit of a twist (disclaimer: we’re not for a moment suggesting Cinderella was a lady of the night…). Poor girl meets rich boy and voila: it’s love. Vivienne shopping at posh Hollywood boutiques in that outfit above is a movie moment for sure. Oh, and we challenge you NOT to be singing that song right about… now.

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