The real New Year’s resolutions for mums

New Year's resolutions
This year we think we should ALL be a little gentler on ourselves, and make some resolutions that aren't going to set us up for a big fat fail...

Hello, 2019! Another New Year has arrived and with it the customary feeling that we should be getting our home, kids and bods into ship-shape order. Spoiler alert: it’s not gonna happen. Few of us will stick to our new hard-core fitness regime, we’ll all be taking a crafty peek at social media despite our intentions of less screen time, and we’ll absolutely be eating carbs by mid-January. We say let’s stop setting ourselves up for a big fat fail, and start making resolutions that we can keep. From taking time out for a sneaky facial to volunteering for a cause you feel passionate about, we’ve come up with five New Year’s resolutions for mums that we think we can make and keep for 2019…

1. Shrug off parenting fails: Let’s stop beating ourselves up and start accepting that our kids will be fine despite biting the neighbours’ kid, refusing to eat greens (unless bogeys count?), and never EVER listening to a word we say. It’ll all come good in the end.

2. Go on regular dates: No more refusing to eat greens for days on end, instead ditch the kiddos, start flirting with your hubby again and head out on regular date nights together. Chat, eat, laugh, love, repeat. (Could be a title for a new tv show right there…). We’ve made things easy with a big list of our own tried and tested dinner date destinations. And if you’re a single parent, make time for evenings off, and head out on the tiles with friends. Dancing and bubbles are essential. 

3. Start delegating: So what if Evelyn down the road can cope with 52 kids and no helper while whipping up gourmet organic feasts on a daily basis. Let her get on with it, and let us start offloading the jobs that other family members can easily take on board. No mum shaming or judgey pants here.

4. Eat like a grown-up: Cold, leftover mac ‘n’ cheese and a couple of choccie bics may hit the spot for a busy mum-on-the-go, but we say try and take time each day to sit down and eat actual adult food. You’ll soon rediscover your tastebuds and your waistline! Kickstart with these recipes from The Midlife Kitchen that are delish and easy to create.  

5. Grab some alone time every day: Whilst we’re not suggesting you take off on a retreat every week, we do think that each and every one of us is guilty of rarely putting ourselves first. Take up a new hobby, try some volunteering, chill out at a spa, fix your frizz with a visit to the hair salon, or just relax with a daily cup of coffee and reading session, but do it alone!

Happy New Year, mums! You’ve got this.

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