Special needs schools in Singapore: preschools, courses and schools for children with learning differences

Special Needs Schools in Singapore

Although Singapore is world famous for its maths and science curriculum, not much is recorded about the Singapore special education needs support system/network. Available options such as SPED (special education); SEN (special education needs) and EI (Early Intervention) are phrases no longer alien to Singapore; new centres, schools and therapies are now available for children with learning differences. Our education partners at JSJ Consulting are here to help eliminate the confusion and sort through options for special needs schools in Singapore.

Brain Train, recently acquired by The Essential Learning Group Pte. Ltd (ELG), is a multi-disciplinary, educational services organization dedicated to helping parents, schools, and educators meet the individual needs of a wide range of students. ELG’s Innovative Learning Center provides daily programs to students from a broad spectrum of capabilities, needs, and interests. ELG’s Clinic and Learning Annex work closely with educators and families to identify, assess, diagnose and remedy academic, communication and social problems using effective, evidence-based programs.
HoneyKids Hint:  ELG is now the largest provider of its kind in Asia working with expat and local families.
Brain Train / Essential Learning Group  #04-07 Tanglin Place, 91 Tanglin Rd., Singapore 247918, p.6738 9319, admin@braintrain.com.sg.



The DAS Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. Led by a multi-disciplinary team of lecturers with extensive experiences in teaching learners with dyslexia and associated learning differences, the DAS Academy aims to enable excellence through programmes from foundation to tertiary levels.  Also offering certificate courses and workshops to enable parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals to learn techniques, DAS equips them with various skills and tips to help a child with learning differences.
HoneyKids Hint: Not just for children, check out the courses available to adults.
DAS International 73 Bukit Timah Road, #05-01 Rex House, Singapore 229832 p. 6236 2555, info@dasint.org.sg.

A pioneer of its time, Dover Court Preparatory School was the first school in Singapore to offer both mainstream and a Department of Supportive Education under one roof.  With a cohort of up to 100 students, the higher functioning children enrolled in the DSE are integrated for music, PE, art and drama with the mainstream. With an enviable ratio of up to 10 students with 3 adults in one classroom, therapies available on site are Speech, Occupational, and Physiotherapy.
HoneyKids Hint: No longer accepting applications to wait list, you need to keep in constant contact with admissions.
Dover Court Preparatory School301 Dover Road, Singapore, 139644, p. 6775 7664, admissions@dovercourt.edu.sg.



For those students requiring early intervention, the Excelerate V2 Program is a great option to consider. The daily neurodevelopmental preschool program, for children aged 18 months to 6 years of age, is staffed by specialist therapists and organized very similar to that of a typical preschool. The therapist/child ratio can be as intimate as 1:2, or as dynamic as1:6 depending on each child’s communicative, social, sensorial and educational profile of skills. The program is designed to assist children with various learning needs including, but not limited to, autism, global developmental delay, sensory issues, dyspraxia, and speech & language delay.
HoneyKids Hint: The overreaching objective is always to integrate or reintegrate each child into a typical preschool environment.
Excelerate,19 Tanglin Road, #05-29/31 & #05-10/11 Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909, p. 6235 0037, enquiries@excelerate.com.sg. 

Genesis School offers both an academic learning environment for those students who can access curriculum and vocational training programs for students requiring life skills. Curriculum goals are derived from extensive research-based sources, and cater to each child’s development individually.  With children aged 4 to 18, Genesis is one big extended family, boasting great family events and parent volunteering efforts. The founder, Lisa Barron, has determination that every child can reach their maximum potential, and she is often there with them every step of the way.
HoneyKids Hint: They have their very own treasure box fairy!
Genesis, 9/11 West Coast Road, Singapore, 127296, p. 6733 1172info@genesisschool.com.sg.

The Integrated International School (IIS) is a contemporary, boutique school located in the West of Singapore, offering two educational approaches to learning (mainstream and support). The school provides inclusive, intimate, and warm classrooms, enviable teacher-student ratios, customized classes to foster individual and collective strengths, and the rigorous yet flexible New South Wales curriculum, a core socio-emotional curriculum to supplement academic learning / behavioral support to enhance children’s abilities/skills.
HoneyKids Hint: It’s the only school in Singapore offering NABA (Naturalistic Applied Behavioral Analysis.
Integrated International School, 41 Sunset Way, #02-03 Clementi Arcade, Singapore, 597071, p 6466 4475, admissions@iis.com.sg.



Mighty Oaks is the educational arm of Kaleidoscope. A preschool-like, early intervention program targeted for children aged 3 to 6 years with challenges or delays in language, attention and sensory processing and school readiness skills. Mighty Oaks is the only program in Singapore that is based on the DIR/ Floortime method, a relationship-based method formed around interaction.  Speech and occupational therapy is also scheduled twice a week for the children during the 3-hour daily program.
HoneyKids Hint: Lack of play area? Not here…. the children enjoy play times at Spruce and White Lodge.
Mighty Oaks, 312A Tanglin Road, Block S #01-02 Phoenix Park Office Campus, Singapore, 247976, p. 6763 2663Info@MightyOaksLC.com.



The Winstedt School has had an incredible year with its student cohort to date totaling 65 students. Offering the International Primary Curriculum (mainstream) from Reception (age 4) to Year 4 (age 10), with Year 5 being added in August 2014, students at The Winstedt School benefit from smaller class sizes (maximum 12), but dynamic enough for group work and activities. Speech and occupational therapy, as well as counseling, are all integrated into the program with after school activities ranging from pottery to soccer.
HoneyKids Hint: The Arts Annex is a unique addition allowing the students time for creativity and self-expression.
The Winstedt School, 10 Winstedt Road, Block C #01-16, Singapore, 227977, p. 6836 1128, info@winstedt.edu.sg.

This article was contributed by HoneyKids education partner JSJ Consulting.  JSJ Consulting provides international school placement advice for families relocating to or residing in Singapore.

Photo credits: DAS Academy, The Winstedt School, Kaleidoscope, IIS, Excelerate V2 Program.