Meatless meat: where to indulge in Impossible and Beyond ‘meats’

Impossible Foods vs Beyond Meat: Plant-based Patties
Are you on the veggie bandwagon but just can’t give up a juicy steak? Maybe you’ve turned environmentally conscious and have just given up red meat? HoneyKids Asia breaks down the difference between meat substitutes Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat for you.

You’ve seen it on menus all over town, you might have even seen it in the supermarket: meat substitutes have been all the rage in Singapore, especially since local company Temasek Holdings invested in Impossible Foods. The California-based company has had its lab-grown meat on menus in the US for a few years now, and it’s made a splash more recently on the Little Red Dot. Similarly, Beyond Meat has appeared on supermarket shelves to satiate veggies and vegans looking for a protein hit.

But what is it? How is it made? Why have meat substitutes grown in popularity? We break it down for you!

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods: Sliders at PS. Cafe

Brunch fave PS. Cafe uses Impossible burger patties in its sliders. Photo: Shaneli Chandiramani

What is it?

Probably the most heard about and talked about plant-based meat substitute, and the one you’ve seen on countless menus around town. It’s got the same aroma, flavour and ‘meatiness’ as real meat. It was built to do just that: replace meat so when you indulge, it’s less taxing on your body. You’ll feel pretty good about being environmentally-conscious, too.

What is it made from?

Soy and potato proteins, heme (which is the same molecule in iron), coconut and sunflower oil as the fat component, and the same binder used in ice-cream, sauces and jams to bundle it all together.

Why the need for substitute meat?

Humans have been eating meat since our caveman days, but with so many more people on the planet and the increase in meat consumption, the animal agriculture industry can’t keep up. Instead, ecosystems are being destroyed to put steaks in kitchens and on the table as demand for meat has gone up. Ultimately, the ethos of Impossible Foods is to save the planet.

Try Impossible Foods meat at

  • Black Tap: Swap out any of the meat patties in the resto’s burgers for an Impossible patty.
  • Privé: Got a craving for spaghetti and meatballs? Privé uses the meat substitute in this dish, as well as in a side dish of meatballs in marinara. Or order a truffled mushroom Swiss burger with an Impossible meat patty (or a Beyond meat patty).
  • PS. Cafe: We recently tried the Impossible sliders at PS. Cafe Ann Siang Hill and they were positively delish! The dish is great for small hands. For bigger hands (and bigger tums), try the normal-sized Impossible burger, which is loaded with cheddar, wilted spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions… all on a sesame seed bun!
  • Swensen’s: This Halal-certified chain recently launched its version of the Impossible burger across all 24 chains… veggies unite!
  • Bread Street Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay’s famous beef wellington is on offer… with Impossible meat in it! It definitely sounds interesting.
  • Park Bench Deli: A quick sandwich doesn’t have to be boring, so why not try the Impossible patty melt from Park Bench Deli? On a health kick? The deli’s also got something a bit different by way of an Impossible Taco salad.
  • Hard Rock Cafe Singapore: The ever-popular Hard Rock Cafe has launched its version of the Impossible burger. Topped with cheddar cheese and a crispy onion ring, you’ll definitely be satisfied after this!
  • Three Buns: This Quayside burger joint has four different flavoured burgers using Impossible meat… you’ll be spoilt for choice!
  • Fatburger: Order in some Fatburger from Deliveroo and enjoy Impossible meat burgers at home. The fast-food joint exclusively sells its Impossible burgers through the food delivery portal… sounds like an moreish Friday night in!
  • Oriole Coffee + Bar: There’s a whole portion of its menu dedicated to Impossible meat! Try the resto’s quarter pounder burger, pizza and spaghetti bolognese.
  • Empress: If you thought meat substitutes were restricted to burgers, think again: Chinese resto Empress has got this cuisine covered. The menu includes Impossible crispy pancakes with chives, the pan-fried Impossible gyoza, and Sichuan mapo tofu with Impossible Meat.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat: plant-based burger patties

BYOB: Build your own burger at home using Beyond Meat’s plant-based patties. Photography: Beyond Meat via Facebook

What is it?

Another meat substitute. This one is readily available in supermarkets to make it your way at home. Beyond Meat has burgers, sausages, ground beef and flavoured ground beef, available in select Fairprice grocery stores, Redmart, Little Farms and Ryan’s Grocer.

What is it made from?

It’s made without genetically modified organisms (GMOs), soy or gluten – so yep, the celiacs among us can enjoy this too. Beyond’s philosophy is that meat is made up of protein, fat, trace minerals, carbohydrates and water, so the company has taken the exact same components from plants to create its meat substitute.

Beyond meat uses 99 per cent less water, 93 per cent less land, 90 per cent fewer greenhouse gases and 46 per cent less energy to produce than real meat. Who would’ve thought?!

Why the need for substitute meat?

Beyond believes that its meat substitute will improve human health (yes, all that real red meat will impact your heart!), positively impact climate change, addresses global resource constraints – there are more of us on planet earth than ever before! – and improve animal welfare.

Try Beyond meat at

  • Mezza9: Looking for a good vegan burger? Grand Hyatt Singapore’s dinner menu has delectable Beyond burger on the menu with dairy-free cheddar cheese, pickle, red onion, lettuce, plant-based mayonnaise and mustard all on a dairy-free brioche bun.
  • Harry’s Bar: There’s a Japanese-inspired Beyond burger on the menu at this chain bar and resto, with the patty dripping in a soy sauce glaze. It’s got all the usual trimmings: lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese… yep, it’s still a burger!
  • Saladstop: Pop in for a salad at your friendly neighbourhood Saladstop and add a beyond meat patty for a protein boost to your order.

Top image courtesy of Impossible Foods via Facebook. 

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