Ditch the disposables! Easy eco-friendly products for a greener home

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No excuses! We’re cutting down our plastic today! And we’ve rounded up all these eco-friendly substitutes to help you out...

Beach clean-ups aren’t the only environmental campaigns available for us in Singapore. There are plenty of other small ways we can cut down on our carbon footprint and teach our kids about environmental conservation. Clothes swapping and bike rentals are a good starting block. But one of the biggest causes of pollution at the moment is plastic waste. We’ve all heard about what a menace plastic straws and plastic bags can be when they get into the oceans: not only will they destroy the environment, but they’re also causing a lot of harm to marine life too. That’s why we’ve found alternatives to swap out those nasty eco-unfriendly plastic disposables and try our best to do what we can when it comes to environmentally sound products…

Reusable takeaway cups
Takeaway coffee cups, plastic lids and all those unnecessary straws just keep adding to the plastic pollution. KeepCups (pictured top) are a mini-wonder made of durable and easy-to-wash tempered glass with rubber or cork sleeves that fit straight in your purse. Just fish it out when you pop into your favourite coffee shop and you’ll save a few cents for bringing your own cup too. Win all round!

Straws are one of the leading causes of marine pollution, so forget those plastic fiends and switch to some stainless steel or bamboo ones instead. Grab a brush if you’re getting a steel one to keep ’em clean. You can get stainless steel straws (straight and bent) from Project R.

Food courts provide cutlery but most hawker centres and takeaway places usually shove two or three plastic spoons and disposable chopsticks into your baggie. Don’t accept them, bring your own cutlery from home instead. Daiso also sells reusable fork and spoon sets as well as chopsticks with travel cases. Cute and cheap!

Dentists recommend you change your toothbrush every six months anyway so why not bring sustainability into the equation? Bamboo toothbrushes are just as functional and twice as chic. Honest Ninja produces bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal bristles which are said to make your teeth whiter! If you don’t fancy putting charcoal in your mouth, you can get bamboo toothbrushes with castor bean nylon bristles from Package Free Shop.


The eco-bag is a fun and eco-friendly way to cart your groceries home.

Grocery bags
Ditch the plastic bags and grab an eco-friendly grocery bag for your weekly shops. Cardboard boxes are also a useful and green option to have in your car boot to keep those groceries from rolling around.

Makeup remover
This one’s a real time-saver and soap-saver. You can remove a face of makeup with just a few swipes of these cloth or makeup remover pads.We bought one recently and it really is our new best friend (plus it saves getting mascara all over the bathroom towels).


Wrap up the eco-friendly way!

Food wrapping
Forget clingfilm and plastic containers, wrap up your food in reusable sandwich bags and biodegradable etee food wraps. Made from all natural ingredients like beeswax, soy wax and organic cotton, these colourful food wraps last for months and are fully biodegradable. Just don’t pack any uncooked meat in them…

Laundry egg
If you’re against the harsh chemicals found in laundry detergent, you can opt for a laundry egg. Good for 720 washes, this eco-friendly egg is kind to your skin and the environment. You can also get a dryer egg if you have a dryer, but if you can afford the space, we highly recommend air-drying for that nice sunshine smell.

Menstrual cup
DivaCup is a good way to cut down on all those tampons and pads, although it does take some getting used to. This silicone cup goes up your unmentionables and collects Aunty Flo as an alternative to more traditional sanitary wear. 

Top image: KeepCup

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