Baby’s first Christmas: keepsakes, clothes and gifts for your little one

If it's your baby's first Christmas then you're probably on the lookout for elf outfits, personalised baubles and keepsakes. You've come to the right place.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (cue song) for many, but even more so when it’s your baby’s first Christmas. There’s something overwhelmingly cute about a bubba dressed as an elf, a personalised bauble on the Xmas tree and a sleigh-load of knick knacks documenting your tiny tot’s very first festive season! Here’s where to get a mountain of memorabilia in honour of your small human’s first visit from Santa…

All the firsts


Cute, cute, cute! Photography: Rustic Ornament Gifts

It’s a HUGE occasion, so you’re probably going to want to buy something special to mark baby’s first Christmas. Something that you can keep for years to come and pull out of a box and wonder where your cute tot went in years to come (and to question who this grouchy teen is that you now have to force Xmas upon).

First off, how about sitting back on the couch with your tiny person on this cute-as-a-button family cushion by Gifts Less Ordinary ($56.33) to admire this lovely (if a little extravagant) baby’s first Christmas bauble by Harrods ($20.13)? And while you’re decorating the tree, pop on this nature-inspired ornament by Rustic Ornament Gifts ($24.04).

You’re also going to need a personalised special sack for Santa to pop all of baby’s first prezzies into (it took sooo long to pick a baby name, put it on everything, we say). We like this one by Brightstar Kids ($39.90) or this Baby’s First Christmas number by Gifts Less Ordinary ($49.96).

Stockings! We love these cuties by Pretty Little Customs ($12.99) or these simple but super sweet stockings by Sophie Natasha Store ($22.31). Our tip? Fill them with crinkly paper and let your little one use them as a sensory toy rather than packing them with presents they probably don’t need.

Dressing bubba as an elf is practically obligatory

Make the most of baby’s first Christmas and use it as an excuse to break out ridiculously cute outfits. It’s all good fodder for later down the line when you’re pulling out the bribery big guns on your defiant teenager (trust us).

You’ll deffo need pajamas: We love this unisex babygro from Next so much we’re tempted to get one made in our size… Or if you can’t wait for an online delivery, pop into Gap and nab a unisex snowman or reindeer onesie ($34.90).

John Lewis on the right and Mothercare on the left: both perfect for an ensemble to taunt teens with in years to come.

We were recently drawn into a Mothercare purely to fawn over the off-the-scale darling Santa ($39.90) and Mrs Santa ($39.90) outfits for tots aged from tiny baby up to 12 months. They’re out of stock online right now, but if you pop in store you should be able to bag one if you’re quick.  And if an elf ensemble is the way forward, it doesn’t get much cuter than Mothercare‘s unisex creation ($39.90) and matching elf softy shoes ($19.90). But our favourite finds of the season? This Christmas pudding set by John Lewis (apx. $32.40) and this reindeer fleecy onesie (if you’re heading overseas to colder climes for Xmas), also by John Lewis (apx. $35.00): #swoon

You don’t want to spoil that special outfit

So you’re going to need a bib. An Xmas-themed one of course! We’re loving these cute bandana style ones by Mothercare ($24 for three) which are perfect for little dribblers or these festively fab ones by Marks & Spencer ($29.90 for three). And because a baby can never have too many bibs, add this penguin faux-fur number by Gap ($12.95) and this ‘first Christmas dinner’ pick by Bluesky Creation ($13.94) to your wishlist too.

You’re almost done


‘Cos you’ll need somewhere to store all those trinkets. Photography: I Just Love It

There will be around a gazillion pics taken during baby’s first Christmas, so pop your fave into a photo frame. We adore the handmade and personalised ones by Nana B Workshop ($37.09).

It’s not going to hurt to jot down all the fun you had on the big day in a beautiful first memories book either: the lovely one by Kiki K ($49.90) gets our vote.

And finally, all that ‘baby’s first Christmas’ stuff is going to need a home. This personalised wooden box by I Just Love It (apx. $54.00) is it, we think.

No one ever said that babies were cheap… Ho ho ho.

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