Baby Checklist: Best bath, skincare products and nappies for washing and changing your baby in Singapore

What you really need to buy for changing and bathing your baby

Navigate through the minefield of baby consumerism with our handy checklist of items, and target what you really need to buy with less cash and in less time. Here is Part 3 of our series on baby essentials: Bathing, Cleaning and Changing

There are many different brands out there and your choice will depend on absorbency, size and type of material you like. Pampers released its Swaddlers nappy for infants last year, which uses new technology designed to draw moisture away from baby’s skin when they’re sleeping. These nappies also have a colour change indicator to show when they’re wet. If you want to go the cloth option, bamboo nappies with Velcro tabs in wonderful patterns are good for baby’s skin, the environment and your bank balance.
Try: Pampers Swaddlers; Green Kids

Green Kids Nappies

If you prefer cloth nappies over disposables, Green Kids nappies are kind to baby’s skin and better for the environment.

Nappy cream
To manage nappy rash and eczema, use a barrier cream or soothing ointment on your baby’s bottom. Versions that contain zinc oxide are good as they repel water and reduce the risk of further redness and soreness.
Try: Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream; Drapolene cream

Changing mat/table
You don’t need a change table – you can simply use a change mat on the floor. However, having a table at waist height will save your back. We like the Gulliver at IKEA as it has open shelving underneath for basket storage and you can easily hook on a nappy caddy. Once your baby can roll though, you will need to stay right with them for safety.
Try: Mothercare; IKEA Gulliver

Baby bath
Get a stand if you want to save your back. Otherwise, put the baby bath on the dining table or a higher surface. Once baby starts to move, it’s best to keep the bath on the ground. When they can sit up, it’s good to try showers where they can start to feel a little water sprinkling on their heads – this prepares them for swimming and learning to hold their breath under water. If you are tight on space, an inflatable one, which is also lots of fun or a folding version like the Stokke Flexibath.
Try: IKEA; Munchkin; Stokke

Munchin Duck Bath

Low on storage space? Try an inflatable baby bath, such as this duck bath by Munchkin: it’s big on fun factor.

Baby-friendly soap
We prefer using organic products on baby skin to reduce exposure to chemicals and skin irritants. You may not find these in the supermarket but there are a quite a few good healthcare stores you can source from in Singapore. Korean brand Innisfree launched its Pure Green Baby Line last year, which is certified organic. QV Wash may not be organic but the gentle, pH-balanced formula is a great soap-free alternative and the whole family can use it.
Try: Brown Rice Paradise; SuperNature