Do your bit for the planet AND your wallet: where to buy preloved baby stuff in Singapore

preloved baby
We've got the full lowdown on how to score the best deals for second hand and preloved clothes and toys for your little ones...

Babies do this neat little trick where they grow out of their clothes overnight. Coincidentally, their growth spurt is directly proportional to our wallet shrinkage (check out our nifty thrifty guide to saving in Singapore). How can we outsmart this? Parents in the know are all about buying second-hand (or as the fancy people call it: ‘pre-loved’) baby clothes and goods.

The environment and avoiding contributing to waste might be your motivator for buying and selling second-hand (fabric production and clothes wastage is a serious problem the world over), or you could be on the hunt for a brand you can’t find in the stores. Whatever the reason, we’ve done a round-up of some of the best spots, online stores and Facebook groups for shopping second-hand in Singapore.

East Coast Preloved Sales

If you live in the East Coast, you’re in luck, because this offshoot of the East Coast Mums Support Group is one of the best Facebook groups to join for free classifieds. This isn’t just a source for baby and toddler clothes, toys and equipment, but everything else from fashion and accessories to homewares and plants.

Preloved Baby Goods SG and SG Preloved Baby Goods

A huge number of members on the first of the two Facebook pages, which means the number of items for sale is equally huge! A great place to go for bags of clothes, and baby hardware like prams, cots and the like. The second site does much the same but with fewer members and therefore less stuff, making it a little easier to navigate. Somewhere in between is the rogue FB page Preloved Baby Goods Deux SG, which seems to have few rules. This one is great for selling, but the buyer experience can be a little rough. and

SEW Classifieds

You could spend all day on Singapore Expat Wives Classifieds! Expats coming and going means there are many pre-loved items looking for a new home here. Beware, this Facebook page is not only for baby goods, but selling anything from Merlion sculptures to ‘lightly used’ lingerie! Good items go fast on this page. If you aren’t already a member of this group for the expat community, it might take a while to get approved.

preloved baby

Babies are expensive! Photography: Valeria Zoncoll via Unsplash


Download the Carousell app and start shopping! The app has really great functionality and you can search for terms like “baby clothes”, and then chose to follow sellers that you like (find one who’s baby is six months older than yours, and you’re off to a great buyer-seller relationship). You can bid on items, much like eBay, so there are some real bargains to be found!


Like Carousel, Gumtree is a great way to buy local from locals. Again many bargains, but also a lot to rifle through! Get yourself a strong coffee and dive on in.

Singapore Boutique Designer Baby Clothes Brands Buy/Sell/Trade

This is a Facebook page with few members and some tight guidelines around how to sell your branded items (no big bags of clothes here!) Keep an eye out for the odd little Bobo Chooses, Cheap Monday and Munster numbers that pop up. It’s a nice community of buyers and sellers looking for quality designer threads for the little ones, and not as daunting as some of the other platforms.

Singapore Baby and Mummy Marketplace and Forum

This is another popular Facebook page that sells both brand new and preloved baby clothes and toys. But what makes it different is that it allows mummies and daddies to ask questions about parenting, caring for newborns and even pregnancy as well as getting a bit of shopping done.



Facebook pages with buy/sell functionality are popping up all the time! Type ‘Singapore second hand baby’ or ‘Singapore preloved baby’ into the Facebook search bar and explore all the options. The shopping experience on groups with small numbers and an active admin often offer a better buyer experience, whilst a group with a large number of members and hands-off admins may have a better seller experience. Be sure to read the admin rules often pinned to the page before diving in. Some groups have strict bidding and haggling policies, whilst others might encourage it.

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