Where to buy first shoes for babies and toddlers in Singapore

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Time to pick up those first shoes to support your little one's first steps? Welcome to the brave new world of chasing your child!

You’ll be well and truly listening to the actual pitter patter of tiny feet once your baby becomes a toddler, and discovers that legs were made for keeping mum really busy! Baby’s first steps: one of those mega proud parenting moments where all the sleepless nights, self-doubt and moments of sheer panic suddenly don’t seem so bad. But now your toddler has gotten the hang of being mobile, those little feet are going to need some suitable shoes to keep up with them (and you’re going to think about child-proofing your house!). We’ve found the stores around Singapore where you can find the best shoes for first steps, from the wibbly wobbly stage through to rock steady steps…

These shoes by Livie and Luca are just too cute! Photography: The Elly Store

The Elly Store
Slip little feet into a huge selection of kids shoes over at The Elly Store: Cute but sturdy picks include Pediped, Old Soles, Bobux, Tip Toey Joey, Converse, Native, Salt Water Sandals and Duvic. But the best thing of all? The Elly Store has a little play area to keep the little ones busy while you browse. They also have a decent selection of adorable Jellycat stuffed animals that may well make it into your shopping basket.
The Elly Store, 501 Bukit Timah Road, #02-31/33 Cluny Court, 259760; www.theellystore.com

Clarks Shoes
As English as the bacon butty, Clarks Shoes has been ensuring small feet take the right first steps since 1825! Its first shoes range are just the ticket for tiny toes and come in a heap of colours and styles suitable for the very first toddle through to the oh-such-fun sprinting stage.
Clarks Shoes, various locations; www.clarks.sg


Get ready for tons of matchy-matchy opportunities with a pair Melissa Shoes!

Melissa Shoes
If leather or canvas isn’t tough enough for your little one’s feet, Melissa Shoes have the sturdiness and style to snazz up any shoe cabinet. You’ll find plenty of glittery, bow-laden picks as well as sturdy sandals that are sure to match any outfit. (Psst… why not splurge a little and get a pair to match with the little one too?).
Melissa Shoes, various locations; www.mdreams.com.sg

Stride Rite
Getting the right fit for little feet is super important, and we love that every time you visit a Stride Rite outlet, toddlers (and kids of all ages) will have their feet measured by a certified fit expert. Once you have the right size sorted, it’s time to pick out a pair of treads specially designed for feet that are just getting the hang of things. Goodbye pram, hello independence!
Stride Rite, various locations; www.striderite.com.sg

Aren’t these shoes just PAW-some?

Hailing from New Zealand, the cool Bobux brand was the first to create all-leather soft soles for early walkers. Head over to its website and use the Expert Fitting Took to ensure you get the right size, and then order a pair of podiatrist endorsed shoes online. Perfect for kids who have zero tolerance for shopping! We’re just a little bit in love (okay, a lot) with the Puppy Bright Blue soft shoes (pictured above) which has a chestnut suede sole that provides a great non-slip surface for the littles to pad around safely. If you prefer trying before buying, check out the range of Bobux picks available at The Elly Store (details above).
Bobux, online; www.bobux.sg

First shoes don’t come much cuter than the Froddo range stocked at Hopla! Singapore

Hopla! Singapore
Pop over to the Cluny Court store, or check out the online options that will have you browsing cute shoes for early walkers through to teens for hours: prepare to fall down a rabbit hole of Mary Janes, sneakers, pre-walkers and oh-so-snazzy sandals! We love the Froddo First Shoes range which have been designed in Europe specifically to promote healthy development of children’s feet. The fully leather shoes use only certified natural materials so when your little one has a chew on a shoe (that WILL happen) at least you know there are zero toxins or harmful substances in that snack. Bonus points for free shipping!
Hopla! Singapore, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road #02-23 Singaporewww.hopla.sg

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