VIDEO: Here’s why the Griff Kids are the coolest kids in Singapore

HoneyKids recently hung out with the Griffins to get the 411 on their uber talented kids, Ryder and Arya

Seeing kids being kids, playing outdoors and getting into sports is something that we don’t see enough of in Singapore. That’s why when we found The Griff Kids on Instagram, we knew we had to click the follow button right away. At six and four years old (three at the time the video was shot), Ryder and Arya Griffin are dropping down halfpipes the height of a small house on a skateboard, medalling in wakeboarding comps in Singapore, and looking super cute doing it all.

Here's why the Griff Kids are the coolest kids in Singapore

Skateboarding siblings Ryder and Arya have been zipping around on boards since they started walking – oh, and they have a half-pipe in their backyard #goals

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Thursday, June 13, 2019

It also helps that their parents are supportive. Mark, a competitive wakeboarder and instructor himself, is very familiar with the benefits of getting kids outdoors and onto the boards. Kim, on the other hand, is the kids’ biggest cheerleader and (hats off to you, Kim) doesn’t mind having a huge halfpipe in her backyard, a smaller one in her garage and a few ramps and rails on her driveway. She also loves the fact that both her children are extreme athletes and laughs about the fact that they have zero chill.

Although both kids spend a lot of time skating, Kim says that Ryder is a very good student. In fact, she says that he actually loves doing his homework. Whether it’s the focus that he’s developed from being an athlete or sheer interest in school, we know that that Ryder has definitely benefitted from being an active child.

Arya and Ryder are two cool kids!

Want to get your kids started in sports? Mark says that it’s always better if parents are involved. Because of Ryder, Mark, a wakeboarder, took up skateboarding as an adult. A sport, he says, is not the easiest to pick up when you’re in your 30’s. Although not all of us may want to hop on a skateboard, the easiest way to get involved is by showing support. By showing our kids that we’re willing to show up to practice with them, encouraging them to get up when they’ve fallen down, the easier it is to convince them to get up, get out and get active!

Thanks Mark, Kim, Ryder and Arya!

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