Kick-off that athletic career with the best rugby clubs for kids in Singapore

Centaurs-Day-34 best rugby clubs for kids
This contact sport is just the thing for kids who love to get mucky, run around and make loads of friends!

In Singapore, there’s tons of cool sports for kids ranging from gymnastics to tennis, but if you have kids who prefer just a bit more action than swimming and a little more rough and tumble than soccer, then rugby’s the name of the game. This contact sport isn’t all about tackling: Rugby is a team sport that can be played in many different ways. Touch Football, for example, is a more minimal contact form of the sport that’s great for those who prefer a gentler but no less active game. While the sport may not be as widespread as football in Singapore, there’s still plenty of rugby clubs for kids around the island for your little one to pick up the game in all its forms.

Singapore Cricket Club Rugby Academy

This small and inclusive club makes sure every player gets time on the pitch. Photography: SCC Rugby

The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) has a long-established junior rugby academy open to members and non-members of the club. Within this there are classes for U4 to U14 and a flourishing Touch section for girls U10, U12 and U14. Two to four year olds get to have plenty of screaming fun while the older kids work on their teamwork, skills and making as many friends as they can. They even get the chance to compete in tournaments! Keen to try out? Sign the kiddos up to up for two sessions to see if your child loves it as much as they think they will.
Singapore Cricket Club, 71 Loewen Gardens, Dempsey Hill;

Centaurs Rugby

Centaurs Rugby (pictured top) believes in inspiring children through sport, and teaching life skills along with sports skills. Not only does it have professional coaching and rugby for beginners as young as three years old, this established youth rugby club offers plenty of Touch Rugby options for girls too. All age groups will have opportunities to participate in tournaments, friendly matches and even to tour internationally. U10s and U17s will get to compete in the Junior Rugby Clubs Singapore (JRCS) league, and if that’s not enough rugby fun for you, Centaurs Kids holds camps and hosts pit parties for your little one’s special day!
Centaurs Sports Park, 200 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287994;

Dragons Rugby Club

Providing a safe and inclusive environment for kids of all ages, sizes and abilities, Dragons Rugby is a not-for-profit club run with the support of volunteer coaches and parents. Newcomers will be out on the pitch in no time while experienced players will get safety tips and skills for contact rugby. Dragons are encouraged to really embrace the spirit of the game and, on top of being known as ‘Dragons’ (because that’s cool, right?), every player gets an Icy-Bon-Bon at training – talk about a sweet deal!
Dragons Rugby Club, 10 Grove Lane, Singapore 279016;

Tanglin Rugby Club

Tanglin Rugby Club for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Tanglin Rugby Club even has a team for parents to join in the fun! Photography: Tanglin Rugby Club

The Tanglin Rugby Club prides itself as a not-for-profit, volunteer-run Rugby and Tough Rugby club for boys and girls from U5 to U18. TRC has dedicated World Rugby qualified coaches and ‘parents on the pitch’ volunteers supporting each age group. From non-contact rugby for kids under five to seven years old, to the Touch Football section open to girls aged 8 to 18 years and even the parent’s team, TRC is totally welcoming for anyone and everyone who wants to have a go. Not sure if this is the right club? No worries, TRC offers up to three free trials with no obligation.
Tanglin Rugby Club, Turf City, Singapore 287994, e.;

TITANS Rugby Football Club

With training grounds set in UWCSEA Dover Campus’ great facilities and supported by some of the best coaches, this Junior Rugby Club is just the thing to get your little one into the game. Open to kids under six years and up to 18 years, grab your gear and turn up at a training session to give it a go.
Titans Rugby Football Club, UWCSEA Dover Campus, Singapore 139654;

Top image credit: Centaurs Rugby

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