Easy, healthy ice lolly recipes for a hot Singapore day

ice lolly recipes
Want to score 'best parent ever' award with the kiddos? You need these healthy (mostly), easy and oh-so-pretty popsicles on the treat radar...

With school holidays upon us, we’re getting a little sweaty with all these outdoor activities, and we definitely need ideas when it comes to beating the heat! We already know where to head for an ice cream treat, but we do love a frozen home-made goodie to cool things down with. It was Emily Kerrigan’s delicious fruit popsicle recipes that kickstarted our passion for ice lolly recipes, and we’ve been regularly filling the freezer with chilly delights ever since. We’ve tried, we’ve tested, and here are our faves…

Insta-sensation, 15-year-old vegan Jose aka Naturally Jo, created these beautiful frozen goodies (pictured above) using coconut milk, coconut nectar, butterfly tea, matcha blue and blueberry juice. The ingredients are definitely worth sourcing… Guaranteed brownie points when you whip these out of the freezer on a hot day!

ice lolly recipes

Classy ice pops by Cooking Classy

Here’s a pretty watermelon popsicle recipe by Cooking Classy that even the fussiest of “I don’t like fruit” kids won’t be able to resist. Easy to make and delicious to eat.


Eats Amazing rainbow ice lollies

What do you get when you mix up blueberries, strawberries, peaches, grapes and lemonade? The perfect rainbow ice lolly recipe for a hot summer’s day! Hop into this Amazing Eats tutorial for all the easy deets.


Chloe Keen tropical granola lollies

While we’re big advocates of healthy snacks for our small people, sometimes a little bit of chocolate makes for the perfect treat. And if you’re going to do chocolate, then we say try this awesome tropical granola lolly recipe by Chloe Keen. Mangoes, coconut milk and bananas seal the popsicle deal.


The Health Site frozen yoghurt lollies

Chia seeds, berries, kiwis and frozen yoghurt by The Health Site make this a recipe we may not want to share with the kiddos…

ice lolly recipes

We love Pina Coladas! Especially when they’re in ice pop form by Taste

Non-alcoholic Pina Colada yoghurt lollies on a sweltering day will definitely hit the spot (or any day for that matter), so use this lovely recipe by Taste for a sweet and sour pop of frozen goodness. Add a dash of white rum for a grown up version!

My Fussy Eater coconut water and pomegranate popsicles

This pomegranate and coconut water recipe by My Fussy Eater is just the frozen ticket for a cooling snack o’clock break with the kiddos.


Sainsbury’s strawberry and banana ice lollies

Strawberries and bananas go together like, well, strawberries and bananas, so these easy peasy Sainsbury’s popsicles are sure to be a hit with kiddos of all ages.


Madeleine Shaw orange and mango ice lollies

Deliciousness doesn’t always have to look fancy… We love these simple but thirst quenching orange and mango ice pops by Madeleine Shaw.


The First Year Blog rainbow popsicles

This recipe by The First Year Blog is not a quick win, but the results are definitely worth the effort! Plus they’re a great way to teach kids the art of patience.

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