The antidote for kids in Singapore who do too much: try these old-school activities together

While we’re guilty of occasionally hyper-scheduling our kids’ lives with awesome classes and activities in Singapore, at heart we’re big fans of old-school parenting. You know, busting-out the arts and crafts box filled with fab bits and bobs from our favourite art and craft stores in Singapore. Or, shock horror, letting our little people get BORED. That’s when true inspiration and creative play really kicks-off – think sheet forts, pretend corner stores and choreographed dances. Some people call it #slowparenting; we call it ‘our childhoods’. Here’s our top five old-school fun activities for kids:

Fire up your kiddos’ entrepreneurial spirit with a good old-fashioned Lemonade stand. In this hot Singapore weather they’ll do a roaring trade – but best text your parent crew to drum up some customers…

old school activities for kids
Spend a whimsical afternoon hunting in the garden for pretty blooms, and practise the ancient art of flower pressing. The tricky bit is WAITING for the lovelies to dry out before crafting a floral collage. Check out this tutorial at


Sewing is the perfect rainy day activity for kids, and we challenge you to find anything cuter than this Little Chicken Bean Bag! You’ll be happy to have this crafty little number on your mantelpiece. Get the tutorial at


old school fun for kids
Visits to Grandma’s house always held the promise of a freshly baked treat. Recreate the magic at your place with this bright, tasty and no-mess Funfetti mug cake. The ideal sized snack for little tummies. Follow the recipe at


old fashioned activities for kids

For a free, fun activity to teach your kids an appreciation of the great outdoors, all you need is a big old tree! Swallow your nerves and peek through fingers as your kiddos scramble up the trunk and along gnarled branches. There’s nothing more thrilling than enjoying the breeze from up high…