Where to buy reusable sandwich bags and food wraps in Singapore

Ditch the plastic sandwich bags and give the kids’ lunch boxes an eco-friendly makeover…

Teaching kids to be environmentally educated is a parenting must, but how can we really drive the message at home, without resorting to running a polar bear breeding programme or persuading the kiddos to go vegan? Baby steps, people – let’s start with reusable sandwich bags and food wraps.

We’ve been tracking down the nature-happy lunch bags and wraps that aren’t only jazzy looking, but really do pack a ‘ditching the plastic’ punch on a daily basis. Plus, think about how much you’ll save since these bags and wraps can be used over and over again after a quick wash. This kind of going green is sure to prove way more simpler than getting the small ones to actually eat their greens! Here’s how your family can help save the planet, one little reusable plastic bag at a time…


Keep Leaf are perking up our lunches with a big splash of colour! Photography: Neishaus via Facebook

Keep Leaf
We’ve been using the beautifully-designed Keep Leaf products for a while now, ever since we discovered them while doing our weekly shop on Redmart! The Canadian company brings modern, stylish patterns to the sandwich bag world, with the huge added benefit of being eco-friendly, organic, reusable, BPA and phthalate free (the nasties you find in a lot of plastic products). This small find has made a big difference to our lunch box wrapping ethos!
Cost: From $11 per bag
Available from: Redmart and Neishaus


Give your sandwiches an eco-friendly makeover with Apiwraps

Sandwiches will definitely be feeling ‘api in a chemical-free, environmentally friendly Apiwraps. Harnessing the natural qualities of beeswax, these cute wraps seal in the freshness while still allowing food to breath. No more clingfilm wrapped soggy sandwiches! Wraps are made from organic cotton with natural plant based colours, pure unrefined beeswax, pine tree resin, and organic coconut oil, and if used properly, can last you for up to a year!
Cost: From $6 per bag
Available from: Neishaus and with worldwide free shipping from Apiwraps


Using LunchSkins instead of plastic bags will really help towards your sustainability goals. Photography: LunchSkins via Facebook

Living as plastic-bag free as possible is much easier when sandwiches and snacks can be wrapped with LunchSkins. In fact, according to the good folks at LunchSkin, each of their bags will replace an average 500 plastic bags… impressive, indeed! Super-cute and dishwasher-safe, these bags are easy to clean, but the only downside is that they aren’t available from any retailers in Singapore. But, we have found you an option for international delivery though, woohoo!
Cost: $9.34 per bag with $4.64 international shipping cost
Available from: Amazon.com

The boc’n’roll wraps double up as placemats! Photography: Tangs

Use up the tin foil for craft projects with the kids, and then vow never to buy it again! Instead liven up lunch boxes with a spiffy Boc’n’Roll sandwich bag that also transforms into a placemat. It’s snack-time wizardry for kids on the go! You’ll be saving the environment six years worth of plastic or aluminium wrapping usage when you swap to one of these machine washable, BPA free beauties. An easy decision, we think. Design wise you can choose from pirates to plain, giraffes to princesses – anything goes!
Cost: $16.90 per wrap
Available from: Tangs


Itzy Ritzy snack bags are seriously stylish! Photography: Itzy Ritzy via Facebook

Itzy Ritzy
Not the cheapest pick on the market, but certainly one of the funkiest, the Itzy Ritzy reusable food and sandwich bags are divine! From fun designs to chic prints, the products are all phthalate and PVC free, machine washable and oh-so-perfect for toting snacks when you’re on the move with the kiddos in tow.
Cost: $49.81 including international delivery
Available from: Lazada


Bee’s Wax makes ethical wraps that really pretty up a lunch box. Photography: Bee’s Wax via Facebook

Bee’s Wrap
We stumbled across these snazzy sandwich wrapper winners while buying our own lunchtime sarnies at The Providore! Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, Bee’s Wrap comes in all shapes and sizes, and is washable, reusable and compostable.
Cost: From $10.50
Available from: Redmart or The Providore

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