International groceries and snacks: a little slice of home here on Singapore’s shores

international grocery stores in Singapore
If you need a big bowl of Lucky Charms IMMEDIATELY, you’re going to want to know about the international stores in Singapore that stock all of your fave homegrown goodies…

You know the drill… You’re feeling peckish and you’re hankering out for a packet of beef hula hoops, vegemite on toast or a big bowl of tater tots. Unfortunately, the kids have no idea what you’re talking about. They’ve grown up as third culture kids on a solid local diet of bee hoon and chicken rice! A taste of home is something almost every expat craves, especially when you’ve been away from ‘home’ for a while. Introducing the treats and goodies you grew up with is also a great way to keep that connection going with your kids and their home country. So, make a beeline for one of these international grocery stores in Singapore, where the shelves are laden with everything from Penguin biscuits to French cheese and stroopwafles to crumpets! Perfect if you’re feeling a little blue about being away from family and traditions this festive season


It was a happy day indeed for a mini-member of the HoneyKids team when his mum recently discovered cherry coke, Walkers crisps and Jaffa Cakes at online delivery store, Tuck. Order first thing in the morning and your oh-so-exciting box full of European, Aussie and US snacks will arrive the same day. Perfect for when you really need a packet of Scampi Fries for your 4pm slump. Tuck’s tagline is ‘all about happiness’, and boy are they spot on. Free delivery for orders above $120 within Singapore, and there’s a pre-Xmas sale happening right now.

British Corner Shop


It doesn’t get much more British than a cuppa tea and toast with marmalade! Photography: British Corner Shop

From Branston Pickle to Monster Munch and Rolos to Paxo stuffing, if it’s a little slice of Britain that you’re after, then British Corner Shop is the answer. Delivery can happen as early as four days after you order, and you’ll be charged according to the weight of your box.

German Market Place

Looking for ingredients to bake your very own Apfelstrudel this festive season? Then the German Market Place on Bukit Timah Road is where you should be heading. This is a one-stop shop for all things German snacks, beer, meat and wine, as well as goodies from Denmark and the UK. Plus, Stroopwafels… oh, how we love thee. Pop into the store, or bag free delivery online if you spend over $200.
German Market Place, 609 Bukit Timah Road, 269710;

The French Grocer


This is not just cheese… This is Reblochon de Thones Haute Savoie cheese! Photography: The French Grocer

Even if you don’t Parlez-vous Francais you’ll agree that shopping online at The French Grocer is magnifique as it stocks a whopping 1700 or so essential French goodies. Since we all know that France absolutely knows how to do wine and cheese, this is solid info for everyone and not just the French. Next day delivery is an option, and it’s free for orders over $185.


It’s not all tupperware and cool furniture that grows with your kiddos over at Ikea. The grocery section is pretty great too. Stock up on the ever-popular Swedish meatballs as well as frozen seafood, Scandinavian treats (Daim Cake: mmmm) and cheap as chips hotdogs and ice cream ($1!).
Ikea, Alexandra and Tampines locations;

Shine Korea

If you’re in the mood for some Korean ramyeon whilst binge-watching your fave K-drama, Shine Korea is where it’s all at. You’ll also find drinks, frozen food, canned goods, sauces and all manner of Korean essentials to help you, and the kids, connect to home.
Shine Korea, 12 outlets;

Jones The Grocer


You’ll find tons off fresh Aussie goodies over at Jones the Grocer. Photography: Jones the Grocer

This food emporium is your go-to spot for all things Australian, including meats, cheese, antipasto ingredients, jams, chocolates and wines. Our advice? Stay for brunch with the little ones once you’re done shopping! The Brioche French toast with slow-roasted peach and pistachios, drizzled with vanilla seed crème anglaise and syrup… so much yum. It’s also stocking takeaway turkeys right now if your planning Xmas at home this year.
Jones the Grocer, Dempsey Hill and Great World City locations;

Mustafa Centre

Bring the kids to Little India and embark on a grocery adventure at Mustafa Centre. Warning – you may need to clear a whole afternoon for this as the multi-storey complex is a crazy maze of international fare teeming with goodies from India, UK, Australia, Thailand… In fact, you name a country and Mustafa probably has a section dedicated to it! This is the place we head to for Robinsons Orange Squash and Linda McCartney vegetarian and vegan sausages amongst other overseas treats. There’s also an online shopping option if you really can’t face the crowds.
Mustafa Centre, 145 Syed Alwi Road Singapore, 207704;

Marks & Spencer


Percy Pigs have arrived in Singapore from the UK! Photography: Marks & Spencer

From party food and platters to delicatessen and main courses, you can definitely throw a Brit-themed party (or just indulge in some treats when you’re feeling homesick) thanks to Marks & Spencer. Head to the Wheelock Place store for the biggest range of food, wines and breads. Don’t forget to stockpile your English crumpets, beef and onion crisps and British ale!
Marks & Spencer, 10 locations around Singapore;

Meidi-ya Supermarket

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine then Meidi-ya Supermarket at Liang Court Shopping Centre needs to be firmly on your instant raman radar. You’ll find all your Japanese grocery essentials including meat, fish, veg, chilled food and frozen fare. Oh, and did we mention wagyu beef?
Meidi-ya Supermarket, #B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre, 177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030;

Thai Mart

Although we prefer popping over to Thailand for an easy family vacay whenever we can, it’s good to know that we can still whip up a Thai meal with all the authentic ingredients thanks to Thai Mart. Thai fried rice with shrimp chilli paste anyone?
Thai Mart, 5001 beach Road, Singapore;


Aside from being a top notch spot for a date night, Argentinean restaurant BoCHINche is also a gourmet marketplace stocking grass-fed Argentinian beef, Provoleta cheese, spices, organic jams and honeys, olive oils and over 80 wines.
BoCHINche, 22 Martin Road, #02-01, Singapore 239058;

African Market Place


The wine section at African Market Place is HUGE! Photography: African Market Place

You’ll find South African and African grocery products by the truckload, as well as wine and liquor at great deals here. Mrs Balls Chutney, Maize Meal and Ouma Rusks are just a snippet of what’s available. Pop online to order if you don’t have time to browse in store. Delivery is free for orders over $250 – easily achievable when you fall down the rabbit hole that is the wine section…
African Market Place @ Springbok Bazaar, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #02-42, Bukit Timah Plaza, Singapore 588996;


If it’s Filipino groceries that will help reconnect you and your kids to your homeland, Katipunans is where you’ll bag all the snacks, canned goods, frozen foods and drinks you need outside of a family holiday in Boracay.
Katipunans, 10 Tampines Central 1, #01-250G, Singapore;


With a ready supply of chocolates, snacks, drinks and toiletries, Value$ is home goodie heaven when it comes to affordability and choice. Stock changes all the time, so if you see Double Deckers and they’re your faves, stockpile as they may not be there the next time. Yummies from the UK, US and Australia are especially abundant at Value$, plus they have 34 stores islandwide, so you’re never too far from a Hershey’s treat! Staff are often a bit, erm, grumpy, but we’ll turn a blind eye for super cheap After Eights.
Value$, 34 outlets around Singapore;


We’re beginning to think there’s nothing we can’t get in Redmart, which includes our favourite treats from all around the world. This week’s shopping basket included frozen scampi, Penguin biscuits, vegemite (they also have marmite if that’s your poison), tater tots and beef hula hoops! And Lucky Charms: delivered straight to your door. Hurrah! It’s also recently started exclusively stocking UK supermarket Sainsbury’s goodies which are really well priced and perfect for cupboard essentials.

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Lead image: Marks & Spencer