Dover Court International School

Dover Court International School was founded more than 40 years ago and is one of Singapore’s longest established international schools. We are passionate about how children learn and committed to ensure each individual child attains the very best they can. We are a Nord Anglia Education school and alongside the other 28 schools in the family, the Dover Court community – students and staff – benefit from unparalleled opportunities.

We make a set of core promises. Firstly, at Dover Court, your child will be a passionate learner, engaging enthusiastically in everything they do and making outstanding progress. Teachers are well skilled at helping children to understand how they are doing and areas where they can improve. This process enables children to become part of the learning process and also helps them to become independent and disciplined in their school life.

Secondly, your child will respect, support and positively interact with people from many different cultures in the community. Inter-cultural understanding is at the heart of the school’s ethos and built extensively into the curriculum through events such as UN Day and Deevali celebrations.

Thirdly, your child will become a socially and intellectually confidently individual. With 650 students, and fully staffed and resourced departments for English as a Second Language and Special Needs, learning is very carefully tailored to each child’s needs and extremely effective at delivering results. Importantly, learning is monitored rigorously and feedback is given at every level so that students never cease to develop academically and socially.

Essential Information
+65 6775 7664
Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Special Education
Nursery to Year 11 (soon to open Year 12 and 13)
Starting Age
Year Founded
Language of Instruction
Foreign Languages Taught
English, French, Mandarin
Maximum Student Population
Current School Population
Preschool: 91
Primary / Elementary: 413
Secondary / High: 108
Maximum Class Size
Preschool: 18
Primary / Elementary: 22
Secondary / High: 22
School Hours
3 years old: 08:00 - 13:00
7 years old: 08:00 - 15:00
11 years old: 08:00 - 15:00
15 years old: 08:00 - 15:00
Demographic Breakdown
45% British, 15% Japanese, 6% Australian, 5% American, 5% Indian. Remainder made of over 45 nationalities.
EduTrust Certified
Teacher to Student Ratio
3 - 6 years: 02:18 Nursery and Reception
7 - 10 years: 02:22 Yr 1 to Yr 6
11 - 14 years: 02:22 Yr 7 to Yr 9
15+ years: 02:22 Yr 10 & Yr 11
Qualification Type
Admissions Interview
Air-Conditioned Classrooms, Swimming Pool, Sports Field, Gymnasium, Running Track, Play Areas/Playground, Sports Courts, Music Room, Art Studio, IT Lab, Science Lab, Library, CafeteriaWith more than 14 acres of school grounds, Dover Court provides the most appealing outdoor environment of any private school in Singapore. Children of all ages benefit from this beautiful green parkland. In addition, we recently had a new Infant playground built and are in the process of installing a new junior playground.
Term Dates
Term 1 - 2018:
20 Aug 2018 to 14 Dec 2018

Term 2 - 2019:
9 Jan 2019 to 5 Apr 2019

Term 3 - 2019:
23 Apr 2019 to 27 Jun 2019
Financial Information
Annual Tuition Fee
Nursery (Half Day 8.30am -11.30am): $12,640.98
Nursery (Full Day): $17,256.96
Lower Primary (Reception to Year 2): $20,964.51
Upper Primary (Year 3 to Year 6): $22,633.71
Secondary (Year 7 to Year 8): $25,025.16
Secondary (Year 9 to Year 13): $26,171.13
Application Fee
Application Fee Refundable
Admission / Enrolment Fee
S$2,675 (non-refundable)
Building / Facility / Development Fee
Parents Association Fee
Other Fees
Lower Primary lunch menu:

Upper Primary/Secondary lunch menu:

Lower Primary School (

Upper Primary (

Secondary (


2 way - from $540
1 way - from $40

*Building/infrastructure fee is per term

For applicants to the Department of Supportive Education (DSE), the Multi-Disciplinary Assessment Team (MDT) test fee is S$535 (including GST). This is non-refundable and non-returnable. However, if a place at the school is offered and accepted it will be deducted from the registration fee.
Programs Available
Extra Curricular Activities
Football, chess, badminton, swimming
Pastoral Care
Special Needs Support
English as a Second Language
Term 1 - 2018:
20 Aug 2018 to 14 Dec 2018

Term 2 - 2019:
9 Jan 2019 to 5 Apr 2019

Term 3 - 2019:
23 Apr 2019 to 27 Jun 2019


Contact Number: +65 6775 7664

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Dover Court International School Singapore

Dover Court International School Singapore