Chatsworth International School

Chatsworth International School is an internationally-minded community of students, academic and support staff, collaborating to provide a holistic learning experience to all members of the community.  We value each individual and will encourage young people to find their purpose in the wider world around them.

It is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and is authorised to provide the IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP), Middle Years Programme (IBMYP) and Diploma Programme (IBDP).  The learning programme is guided by the school’s mission to inspire, educate and enlighten which forms the core pillars and education philosophy. The school provides a holistic and balanced education across the Arts, Education and Sports.

Sports is an integral part of Chatsworth curriculum. The school is an active member of the Athletics Conferences of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) where students aged 8 to 19 years old from Singapore’s international schools compete in a variety of sports. Students at Chatsworth can choose from a variety of sports including badminton, basketball, cross country, football, netball, touch rugby, swimming and ultimate frisbee.

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) are offered for students from Year 1 before and after school. There are a variety of CCAs covering sports, arts, leadership, clubs and special interests. Chatsworth also participates in regional events involving the Arts such as the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) events.


Essential Information
+65 67375955
Preschool, Primary, Secondary
K1 - Year 13
Starting Age
Year Founded
Foreign Languages Taught
English, French, Mandarin, Spanish
Maximum Student Population
Orchard Campus - 700
School Hours
3 years old: 9 - 15.30
7 years old: 9 - 15.30
11 years old: 8.50 - 15.35
15 years old: 8.50 - 15.35
Demographic Breakdown
About 50 nationalities

14% British
12% Japanese
10% Indian
9% Australian
8% American
Nationality Restriction
Singapore citizens, including those who hold dual nationality, may enrol at the Kindergarten Level but may not enrol in the Primary (Years 1-6) without written permission from the Ministry of Education.
EduTrust Certified
Teacher to Student Ratio
3 - 6 years: 1:20 Ki-K2 (plus teaching assistant)
7 - 10 years: 1:22 Year 1-2 plus full time teacher assistant
11 - 14 years: 1:22 Year 3-8
15+ years: 1:22 Year 8- 13
Admissions Interview
Case-by-case basis
Air-conditioned classrooms, art rooms, music practice rooms, science labs, library, canteen, counselling and student services room, learning support room, nurse room, main hall, sports hall, basketball court, swimming pool, astro turf, EDPM playground
Financial Information
Annual Tuition Fee
K1 - 2: $25,010.18
Years 1 - 6: $28,691.64
Years 7 - 9: $29,279.16
Years 10-11: $30,475.76
Years 12 - 13: $33,742.18
Application Fee
$230 inclusive of GST
Application Fee Refundable
Admission / Enrolment Fee
$2,300 inclusive of GST
Building / Facility / Development Fee
Included in the tuition fee
Parents Association Fee
Other Fees
Year 7 onwards - they have to purchase a laptop.
No need to buy books or stationery.
Families with three or more children concurrently enrolled at any of our International Campuses in any individual calendar year will be offered a 20% discount on the 3rd and 20% on any subsequent children.

The discounts will apply to the lowest fees, the parents also have to fulfil the following conditions:
1) The parents must have at least 2 children currently studying in Chatsworth International School.
2) The school fee must be paid by the parents and not sponsored by the company.)
Programs Available
Extra Curricular Activities
Through ACSIS, students from Grades 3 through 13 have the opportunity to compete in athletics, basketball, badminton, soccer, cross country running, swimming, football and netball across the three sporting seasons each academic year. 

Singapore Gallery Walks, School Rock Band / Concerts and Performances, Vocal Ensemble, The School Musical, Theatresports, Slam Poetry, Drama Club, Photography, Book and Writing Club, School Newspaper, Chatsworth's Got Talent, School Yearbook, Ballet Group, Guitar Club
Pastoral Care
Special Needs Support
English as a Second Language


Contact Number: +65 67375955

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Chatsworth International Singapore

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Chatsworth International School - East Campus Singapore

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