The Meat Club online butcher: Top quality Australian meat and hormone free chicken in Singapore

Our BBQs just went all Aussie on us with hormone and cage free chicken plus a huge range of fresh steaks, sausages, chops and more...

We’re always on the look out for good quality steaks to throw on the BBQ, and we’re sticklers for tracking down hormone free chicken to use on a daily basis (our fussy kids do love a home made nugget!), so after The Meat Club provided a delicious feast for all at our recent HoneyKids Family Fun Day, we’ve had it on speed dial ever since! The brainchild of two Aussies (’cause let’s face it: Aussies know their meat), co-founders David Beattie and Amy Bell created The Meat Club after becoming frustrated with the unreliable quality and expensive pricing of beef and lamb here in Singapore. Unwilling to settle for anything other than the finest, the team went on a mission to source top-notch, fresh produce from suppliers in Australia and, voila, online butcher extraordinaire, The Meat Club, was born.

The Meat Club lowdown
Not only have The Meat Club nailed its excellent produce and supply chain, all freshly flown in from Australia, but it has also figured out exactly how to bring top quality meat to Singapore without charging outrageously inflated prices. ‘How?’ we hear you cry! Simple: by minimising its overheads by being a solely online marketplace, and importing only what consumers demand, savings are passed onto us. Genius!

Chicken free of nasties is the name of the chook game at The Meat Club

The Meat Club produce
We’re just a little bit excited (okay: a lot!) about the range of cage free, hormone free, chlorine free, halal certified chicken which is a new addition to the already brilliant range of produce at The Meat Club. The struggle to find chicken free of nasties in Singapore is real, people, but no longer will we have to settle for anything other than the finest fresh chook! 100% Aussie beef steaks, lamb cutlets, gluten-free sausages and banging burgers are just a snippet of the other gourmet offerings available. And it doesn’t stop at mighty tasty meats either: there’s also salmon and wine on the menu – all available to order directly online, and also through RedMart. These guys certainly know how to make it easy to feed our families the healthy way.

The Meat Club subscription
So now you know exactly where to get fresh, fabulous meats for your next BBQ, we’re giving you even more incentive to try this awesome butchers: saving money! Customers are welcome to order on an ad hoc, one-off basis, but by joining its free subscription scheme, Auto Pilot, The Meat Club are able to pass on further savings. Auto Pilot allows The Meat Club team to forecast order volumes more accurately (we are creatures of habit after all), therefore ensuring little to no wastage of produce. Once the goodies are imported into Singapore, you can expect a knock on your door within 92 hours of its arrival. The short holding time equates to minimum overheads, with the benefits being passed on to members:

  • 10% savings compared to the price of a single purchase
  • No lock in contract (flexibility to modify an order, defer a delivery or cancel the subscription)
  • Meat is delivered every four weeks, immediately on import
  • When delivered directly after import, members benefit from the longest shelf life on all products (up to 28 days for unprocessed cuts) compared to orders throughout the month, which may be delivered with a minimum of 3 days shelf life
  • Membership is capped to 1,000 only, aimed to ensure our product and services standards remain high

There’s plenty of fresh picks on The Meat Club menu – including salmon

The Meat Club recipes
If, like us, you struggle to come up with new recipe ideas to shake up your predictable meal repertoire, then there’s more good news (it just keeps on coming): The Meat Club recipes! With delish, free recipes online including Pork Spanish Chorizo Mash and Clean and Lean Chicken Kebabs (ideal for perpetual dieters like ourselves), there’s always something new and fun to try at the click of a button.

The Meat Club special offer
Before you rush over to The Meat Club website, you’re going to need to know about an exclusive offer for HoneyKids readers: $20 discount from your first order (available to Singapore residents). Simply pop in the code HONEY10 once you get to the checkout and enjoy a sausage or two on us!

The Meat Club, e., t. 83638161;

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