New baby on the way? Check out these baby bed boxes from Adora Box

This week's cool find is Adora Box, a portable crib that's light on the pockets and safe for bub...

Newborn babies and sleep, yes these words don’t often go together, but you’ve gotta be prepared for it. From your bub’s crib to their sleeping bags and swaddles, a baby monitor and mobile, these are just some sleeping essentials that you’ll need to pop on your shopping list. And you’ll need to consider your needs too – will you sleep in the same room? Do you turn on the air-conditioning or use a fan? Do you need a Nespresso machine to shorten the coffee making (and drinking) process in anticipation of the sleepless nights? Whatever you decide, you’ll need to prioritise safe sleeping. And that’s where the Adora Box comes in – it’s a portable crib made for parents in Singapore, based on Finland’s baby bed boxes, best suited for the first six months of your baby’s life.

Created by Clarice Tan, a mum herself who realised the need for a sturdier co-sleeper with a lower risk of SIDS after her daughter almost slipped into a small hole beside her bed, she says “We were co-sleeping because my daughter didn’t like sleeping in her crib and one night, we just heard her crying out. I didn’t know that I was putting her into so much danger. If I had had the box back then, it would have made things so much easier and safer for all of us.”

Safe sleeping comes first with the Adora Box!

Why it’s safe 

Built for Singapore’s warm, humid climates, the Adora Box has slanted sides that promote more airflow. It is also made of corrugated cardboard, which means it doesn’t hold carbon dioxide the way your typical soft co-sleeper would. The snug-fitting mattress that comes with it also makes it less likely for babies to be in contact with suffocation hazards. At two pounds, it’s lightweight and travel-friendly, which means it’s easier to have baby in your line of vision while they sleep.

It’s also recyclable! 

Made from 30% recycled cardboard, the Adora Box can be recycled when you no longer need it. And when your baby has outgrown it (and boy, do they outgrow things fast!), you can repurpose it as a play area or as a storage box for all those toys!

Prices for Adora Boxes start at $120 and include an Adora’s Love Card, a 100% cotton fitted sheet, and a 1″ thich custom-cut Certi-PUR foam mattress with a BPA a phthalate-free waterproof cover. Get your own Adora Box at

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