Music classes for adults: Choirs, ukulele classes, rock band and more

music classes for adults
If you’ve been putting off your secret ambition to be a musician or singer extraordinaire, it’s not too late! To help you on your way to music stardom we've found the coolest classes in town...

Looking for music or vocal lessons for adults in Singapore? Here’s your chance to pick up a nifty new skill, that’s completely unexpected. Whether you want to learn the ukulele, ace your samba percussions or get to grips with the basics of performing in a show choir, it’s time to do something cool and creative for yourself (that doesn’t involve the kids). Go ahead and take the plunge – unleash your inner performer!


With its dainty, sweet sound, the four-string pint-sized sibling of the guitar has made a huge comeback and it isn’t just for hipsters and Hawaiians. If you’re looking for a place to sing, strum and unwind with other uke-lovin’ ladies, look up Ukuladies, a female ukulele group delving into everything from pop to punk. The 10 week term ($150) welcomes all, although beginners are advised to know a few basic chords and strum patterns beforehand.
Ukuladies, e.;

John & Deniece Glee Studios

So Glee and the Pitch Perfect movies may have influenced you far more than you’d care to admit, and your shower-time singing has now evolved into your very own a capella concert. Glee Studios offers Show Choir Training for beginners with little exposure to singing and dancing. You’ll learn the basics of singing and dancing at the same time, and master an aca-awesome show choir piece by the end of the course.
Glee Studios, 2 Orchard Link, e.,

Academy of Rock

Music classes for adults

Photography: Academy of Rock via Facebook

This award-winning music school isn’t just about teaching contemporary music, every one of its teachers are contemporary musicians themselves. On top of its diverse staff, the school offers its own syllabus with platforms for students to perform and record their own original works. So whether you’re a musician planning on brushing up those guitar skills at a masterclass or clinic, or a first-timer planning to pick up the drums, piano or even rap, you’ll be jamming out on the stage in no time. 
Academy of Rock, Various locations in Siglap, Holland Village and Thomson Road;

Play by Ear Music School

Whether you’re a bathroom singer, karaoke mic hogger or a vocalist of an amateur band, the ability to sing in a composed, clear voice isn’t hard to achieve. At Play by Ear Music School, you’ll learn to properly unleash those hidden Mariah Carey vocals with correct diaphragm breathing, tonal quality, projection and skills of pitch.
Play by Ear Music School, 45 Victoria Street, Singapore 188032;

Yamaha’s Contempo Music School

Did you know that 47-year-old mother, actress and singer Jada Pinkett-Smith has her own metal band? And your own rockstar dreams may not be that far off thanks to the Pop Band course from Yamaha’s Contempo Music School! You’ll be able to jam with other like-minded musicians (or get your friends to join in on the fun!) and the course is designed for a maximum of five participants, who’ll take on the traditional band roles of a bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer and vocalist. Each member will be trained in their performance areas as a unit and, voila, you’ve got yourself a band.
Contempo Music School, Hougang, 202 Hougang Street 21 #03-00 Singapore 530202;

Ministry of DJs

music classes for adults

Photography: Ministry of DJs via Facebook

Always wanted to create your own dance tracks? Look no further than Ministry of DJs for the Basic DJ course, a six-lesson series ($540) which kicks off with basic beat matching, mixing, tempo adjusting and pitching in the first half of the course. In the second half, topics covered include Serato Scratch Live, reading the waveform, identifying music genres and recoding mix. Sounds complicated, but also very cool.
Ministry of DJs, 30 Bideford Road (Off Orchard Road), Thong Sia Building, Singapore 229922;

Charles Stitch Wong

Beatboxing – the art of using your mouth to create different kinds of noise and sounds – looks easier than it actually is. Whether you want to imitate trumpets, turn-tabling or cymbals clanging, the sky’s the limit with beatboxing. Charles Stitch Wong offers private classes to help you create your own beats with your mouth, and battle misconceptions that beatboxing is only for the young. Your kids WILL be impressed with your new skills for sure.
Charles Stitch Wong, e.;

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