Melbourne Specialist International School

Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS) is a special needs school for children aged 3 to 18. MSIS was established after a partnership was formed with a truly unique and innovative school in Melbourne, Australia called Port Phillip Specialist School.

The Melbourne Specialist International School takes a child-centred approach where teachers use concrete experiences mediated through dance, drama, music and visual arts to immerse students in a deeply engaging learning environment.

The Principal of Melbourne Specialist International School (MSIS) is Ms. Juliet Cooper. She joined MSIS from Port Phillip Specialist School and has fourteen years educational experience with a specific concentration in special education needs students.

“We have a unique programme and curriculum model,” says Juliet. “The Visual and Performing Arts Programme we are offering at Melbourne Specialist International School enables us to more readily achieve literacy, numeracy and living skills goals.”

To ensure the successful implementation of the Visual and Performing Arts Programme, MSIS provides teachers and a teacher’s assistant who work closely together to address the daily needs of all students.

Additionally, the school supports students with a range of services delivered by its therapy team. This includes qualified members of staff such as an Art Therapist, Music Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech and Language Therapist with access to a Physiotherapist and Drama Therapist when needed.

Essential Information
+65 6634 8891
Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Special Education
Pre Kindergarten to Secondary 6
Starting Age
Year Founded
Language of Instruction
Foreign Languages Taught
Maximum Student Population
Maximum Class Size
Primary / Elementary: 19
School Hours
3 years old: 14:00 - 17:00
7 years old: 08:30 - 15:00
11 years old: 08:30 - 15:00
15 years old: 08:30 - 15:00
EduTrust Certified
Admissions Interview
Play Areas/Playground, Music Room, Art Studio, Library
Financial Information
Annual Tuition Fee
- 5 Full Day: $22,898
- 5 Morning Half Day: $18,318.40
- 3 Morning Half Day: $12,822.88
- 2 Morning Half Day: $9,159.20
- 5 Afternoon Half Day: $17,173.50
- 3 Afternoon Half Day: $12,021.45
- 2 Afternoon Half Day: $8,586.75

Kindergarten / Early Years
- 5 Full Day: $25,187.80
- 5 Morning Half Day: $20,150.24
- 3 Morning Half Day: $14,105.17
- 2 Morning Half Day: $10,075.12
- 5 Afternoon Half Day: $18,890.85
- 3 Afternoon Half Day: $13,223.60
- 2 Afternoon Half Day: $9,445.43

Foundation Yr 1 & Yr 2
- Full Day: $ 27,477.60

Pathways Yr 3 & Yr 4
- Full Day: $28,622.50

Transition Yr 5
- Full Day: $29,767.40

Transition Yr 6
- Full Day: $30,912.30
Application Fee
Application Fee Refundable
Admission / Enrolment Fee
Building / Facility / Development Fee
Parents Association Fee
Programs Available
Extra Curricular Activities
Students are involved in planning activities suitable to their leisure and recreation wants and needs. Activities such as bowling, golf, swimming horse riding and fishing are explored.

Independent living skills
Direct teaching strategies are used in implementing the program goals for life skills for verbal and visual cues and prompts, adult modelling, peer modelling and small group instruction and discussion during scheduled life skills classes and embedded learning activities. The school recognizes that living skills taught and practiced at school are generalized on campus and in the community using verbal and visual cues and prompts, adult modelling and peer modelling. This is an integral component of the Visual and Performing Arts Program, and includes the following educational objectives encompassing 2 main learning areas:

The house – the independent living house provides a ‘real life’ environment where students can learn and practice a variety of independent living skills.
Grooming- students learn to shower, dress and manage personal hygiene.
Meals- students learn how to prepare a basic meal from the beginning to the final cooked meal, developing a shopping list, budgeting, purchasing goods and following simple recipes to prepare the meals.

Domestic skills- students learn how to carry out simple household duties such as vacuuming, washing clothes/dishes, mopping, making beds, wiping tables/benches, dusting, ironing etc.

Community awareness- students access a wide range of facilities within their local area and develop skills in travel.

Travel training – students learn road safety, pedestrian skills and how to travel on public transport appropriately.

Community access- students learn how to interact with others in their environment through placing orders, making requests, purchasing goods. Furthermore, students learn how to access facilities and what they are required to do in order to take part in specific community based activities.
Pastoral Care
Special Needs Support
English as a Second Language


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