Girl dad Armand del Rosario shares what it’s like to raise daughters

HoneyKids sits down for a quick chat with Armand del Rosario to get the full lowdown on being the only guy in the house, why he loves it and what he’s scared of…

If you’ve ever looked at cool parent Armand del Rosario’s social media feeds, you’d see that he is blessed with three of the cutest little girls you ever did see and a blossoming teenager. There’s no doubt that being a Dad to four children, let alone four girls, is no easy feat especially for someone who has played football and grown up in the company of brothers all his life. HoneyKids recently had a chat with Armand to find out what its like to be a Dad to four lovely girls and what he’s learned…

Tell us about your daughters, please!

My eldest is Nadia, she’s 14. I love how she’s your typical, responsible eldest child. She’s pretty independent and really well-rounded. She plays volleyball and is quite the neat freak, just like her mum.

Sonia, my nine year old is strong willed and intelligent. She picks up things so fast and is so street smart as well. She will definitely be the more fun loving, free spirited, sensitive one. She tries to hide her sensitivity with her strong, confident character. She’s so hard headed that when my children fight, I can usually trace it back to her. She reminds me a lot of her mother.

Katia, my seven year old is the most soft-spoken, sweetest little girl. She’s like the baby of the family even if I have a two year old. She works really hard at everything that she does and is the type of child that needs to fully understand and practice something until she excels in it. She approaches everything with caution and takes her time, which is why out of all my girls, she’s the one I worry about the most when it comes to being heartbroken.

Irina, my two year old, is my comedian. She is strong like Sonia but just a funny soul. She loves teasing us and playing games to test us but she is just a ball of laughter and love. She knows what she wants and dictates the house. Everyone listens to her and for the most part does what she wants.

Armand and his youngest daughter, Irina. Photo Credit: Armand del Rosario

What’s it like to be a girl dad?

In a nutshell: never ending talking! It’s hard to find peace and quiet. I love how my girls are so loving and caring, which I don’t see so much with boys.

I have to say…a lot of what they say about raising girls vs boys is pretty spot on. Girls are easier to raise but by no means is it easy! There’s less to worry about when it comes to injuries and not listening to direction, but there’s a lot more talking and gossiping and makeup or Barbie talk. Growing up with all boys, this is all new to me! Also, the whole thing about teenage girls having their period isn’t as bad as I expected it to be. And yes, my wife and eldest daughter get it around the same time.

What has being a girl dad changed about you?

I’ve definitely learned the importance of patience and overall awareness. I am more patient with my wife and people in general and more aware of how I am around people. I’ve also learned how to ponytail hair.

What’s the toughest part about being a girl dad?

Knowing that I will one day lose them to another boy that comes into their lives. Also, teaching them concept of punctuality – I’ve learned how to give my daughters enough notice before leaving or else I am going to be LATE!

How do you deal with all the girly stuff?

Well, I’m not going to lie, they have put hairbands and hair clips on me and yes…lip balm too…all begrudgingly of course but its all in good fun. I have a hard time playing with their Barbies so I buy them Lego and started to get them into video games that we can play together. I also encouraged them to take up sports so we have something in common to do or talk about.

Armand and his four daughters: Nadia (14), Katia (7), Sonia (9) and Irina (2). Photo Credit: Armand del Rosario

You have beautiful daughters, what do you think’s going to happen once they start dating? Any words of advice for their future boyfriends?

When Nadia got her period a couple years ago I had THE talk with her.  I figure coming from her Dad, she may take it a little more seriously and also gross her out a bit. It may have been premature but I told her that she’s at the age that she can get pregnant and that there are a lot of STDs out there so I showed her a condom and told her to use this if and when the day comes that she is ready to take that step.

Any boy that dates any of my girls, I only have one rule: to take care of them and be honest with them. I don’t want to have to pull out a gun or enact the Bad Boys movie on them.

What is the best part about being a girl dad?

The love that they shower you with is just amazing. My hope is that when I am old, they will all come home and take care of me even if I don’t remember who they are.

What have you learned about being a girl dad?

Patience, when to be gentle, that they all talk so much, that they are so affectionate even my 14 year old. I don’t know if it’s just my children but they are such go getters that I don’t even have to book a tutor for them. My eldest schedules it herself and just asks me for money to pay her tutor after. I may just be lucky. I love these kids with all my heart and wish I could go back in time and enjoy more of them while they were young.

Thanks, Armand!


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