Front-row photos: what to expect from Chingay Parade in Singapore 2017

With the cute cheongsams in the washing machine and the lo hei all tossed, we’re feeling in need of just one more big, dazzling and in-ya-face kind of celebration for Chinese New Year. Drumroll please for… Chingay Parade 2017! We got a sneak peak of the fun at the recent Chingay National Education pre-show, and it’s bigger and brighter than ever! Here’s the lowdown on an unmissable event that the whole family will love…

1. Opening Ceremony: Crescent, Moon and Stars
Hold onto your hats for the opening ceremony of Chingay 2017: we’re talking 600 performers chosen to represent the five core values of our national flag (democracy, justice, peace, prosperity and equality, to save you Googling) and a showcase of 1,500 local organisations holding high their WeCare Singapore banners.

2. We Care for the Past: Yesteryears’ Chingay and our Ethnic Cultures
Floats, floats and more floats. The second segment of the show is split into four Acts including a re-creation of past iconic performances such as the 1974 Tiger Float: we’ve seen it: it’s amazing!

3. We Care for the Present: Friends All Over the World
It’s impossible to pick a fave part of the show, but we did have a huge soft for the mega-cool drumming performances and the hugely talented local and global acts in this impressive section of the parade.

4. We Care for the Present: CoExistence With Peace and Harmony for the Future of Singapore
Elaborate props and costumes, high-energy youngsters and the spirit of National Service are what it’s all about in segment four! Definitely a part of the evening where you’ll be feeling the patriotic warm and fuzzies.


Chingay parade 2017 HoneyKids Asia

Floats, lights, dancing and rain: all part of the Chingay Parade fun!


5. We Care for the Present: Our Mission, Our Cause
Prepare for some melodious feel-goods when 30 groups perform to music with a message about their missions to build a strong nation of Singaporeans.

6. We Care for the Present: Art Everyone
Over 1,000 dancers and musicians represent how hugely vibrant and colourful our communities are. Expect to be on your feet dancing: the good vibes are infectious!

7. Grand Finale
Water, fire, snow, pyrotechnics and fireworks: the finale is a big bang of colour with performances representing the energy of youth and how confidence can help overcome challenges ahead. A tall order that Chingay fills gloriously.

But what do the kids say? Nine-year-old, Angelica – who took all of the photos for this story – gives us the verdict:
“Chingay was FANTASTIC! I loved it all (even though it poured with rain the whole time – make sure you take your waterproof jackets), but I really, really thought the floats were brilliant. The tiger one from olden times was my favourite. I also loved the National Service part with the light-up soldiers, and all the dancing. The fireworks were pretty cool too. You should definitely go if you can as it is such a fun and colourful night out (plus you get to stay up really late). 

Chingay Parade Singapore
When: 10-11 February, 7pm
Where: F1 Pit Building (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Cost: From $28.50 per person

Photography: Angelica Tristram