Mums, here’s your new BFF: the stylish Bugaboo Bee5 stroller

Looking for a stylish stroller that’ll take you from park to cafe to supermarket? Here’s why we love the Bugaboo Bee5...

When you’re living in Singapore amidst all the stroller-friendly sidewalks, you’ll want one that can take you from the park connector to a narrow supermarket aisle. Yes, when you’re walking and commuting from one end of the island to another, you’ll realise that investing and finding the right pram will make all the difference. Sure, you can opt to baby wear, but once bub reaches the eight kilo mark, you might want to rethink things through. That’s why we were excited when we heard about the Bugaboo Bee5! The folks at Bugaboo gave their fab design a few tweaks and voila…our new favourite stroller is born. Get ready to fall in love again, people…

A ride as smooth as your baby’s bottom

Any mum will tell you that a soundly sleeping baby is (almost) the equivalent of winning a date with Chris Hemsworth. You’ll want to keep that baby sleeping at all costs! But what happens when you’ve (literally) got a bumpy road ahead of you? The Bugaboo Bee 5’s wheels are now rubber-foam filled, which means it can easily absorb vibrations. It’s also got an ‘intelligent’ four-wheel suspension that makes it really easy to get over small potholes and bumps on the road – without waking your little one (wooot!).

A cushy seat for sleeping or sightseeing

A comfy baby is a happy baby and when you’re running errands around the city, you’ll need your little one to be on their best behaviour (or at least try to, anyway). We’re loving the Bugaboo Bee5’s revamped seat, which has lots of extra padding to provide even more comfort for your bub. Got a little one that needs more mummy and daddy time? You can position the seat to face you. When they’re ready to take on the world, you can adjust the seat to face outwards too! And yes, the seat can fully recline so your little one can sleep soundly – which means you can finally sit down and enjoy a warm latte!

A pram that takes you from babyccino dates to sidewalks

A fashion statement you can push

If you’re like us and love any chance to dress up your little one, then you’ll love the fact that the Bugaboo Bee5 is completely customisable – from the handlebar grips, all the way to the seat fabric, sun canopy, chassis and wheels! You can choose from 15 new colours and materials that include the classic solid colours from the Core collection, muted graphic patterns from the Premium Collection, or gorgeous prints from the Signature Collection.

Zipping around the city can be a challenge with a baby in tow, but the Bugaboo Bee5 makes it a breeze. Gone are the days where navigating curbs and bumpy sidewalks were a pain in the (baby’s) butt. We’ve finally found a pram that has just the right amount of swag for fashionable city mums and yet, is substantial and solid enough to last through baby number two or three. We’re sold!


Buy your Bugaboo Bee5 or Bugaboo Fox from any of these retailers: First Few Years, Motherswork, and Mothercare from 1 Nov to 14 Nov, and you’ll get a free canopy from the Core collection. Want something from the Premium or Signature collection instead? Just top up the difference! Got two kids and need a Donkey2? You’ll get a free seat liner and free cup holder too! If you prefer to stick to the classic Cameleon3, you’ll get 10% off on the complete base (base + tailored fabric set) and another tailored fabric set.


This post is sponsored by Bugaboo