Vaccinations in Singapore: Which ones are mandatory, the cost, and are you covered

Our guide to vaccinations for your little one, from what is required to insurance policies that cover the cost

Vaccination is a divisive issue. Whether you’re for or against it, there are a few facts as it pertains to Singapore. With the help of our mates at Pacific Prime, here is all you need to know to get you up to speed on immunisation and how it affects your little one when you’re living on the little red dot.

The Singapore policy

This efficient isle has been running a successful immunisation programme for many years and as a consequence the country is free from communicable diseases like pertussis, diptheria and tetanus. The National Childhood Immunisation Programme sets out the required vaccinations that each child should have at each stage of their life, beginning with the BCG shot to prevent tuberculosis and the first dose of Hepatitis B at birth.

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Monitoring Vaccinations

Each time your child receives a vaccination, The National Immunisation Registry captures the details and they will also send reminders if an inoculation has been missed. Every child born in Singapore will also receive a Health Booklet that includes an immunisation schedule and record of vaccinations that have been received. It’s important to keep this updated, particularly when it’s time to start school.

Starting school

When it’s time for your little one to enter primary school, it’s necessary to demonstrate that your child has had all the required vaccinations. This is the case with many international schools as well. If a child has not had the relevant shots they may not be allowed to attend the school. In fact, according to the Health Promotion Board, failure to vaccinate against diphtheria and measles carries a fine of S$500 for the first offence and up to $1000 for the second offence. If you have just relocated to Singapore and your child was already part of an immunisation schedule in another country, you might be given permission by the authorities to continue on that same schedule rather than following Singapore’s local programme.

The cost of immunisation

If your child is not Singaporean, and eligible for some level of subsidised vaccinations, it can hurt the hip pocket a little to have your little one immunised. But since a number of them are compulsory, it’s prudent to ensure your medical policy extends to covers this kind of outpatient care. The price of inoculation in Singapore varies depending on whether you choose to visit a public or private health clinic. Private clinics can charge around SGD $60 for a consultation, after which the cost of the vaccination and tax needs to be added. Therefore, a single injection can end up totalling around SGD $300 – $400.

The best coverage

The average insurance plan in Singapore does not typically include preventative treatments and usually refer to vaccinations as exclusions. In order to handpick the outpatient coverage you need, Pacific Prime specialise in tailoring policies to suit the needs of individual families in Asia. Rather than representing just one insurer, Pacific Prime work with a number of insurers who include coverage for immunisation as part of their policies, and they are experts in combining the best of a number of policies to give you the most relevant coverage.

To find out more about the best health care policy for you and your family contact Pacific Prime.