Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir: Kids’ singing workshop with SSCC

SSCC choir for kids in Singapore
Live a day in the life of a performer with the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir

Kids and music go together. Singing weaves its way throughout our day, from singing in the shower, to family sing-a-longs in the car, and tunes over teatime. The main criteria for rating a kid blockbuster is the strength of its soundtrack – so clearly Moana, SING and The Sound of Music are the best films of all time! And when the subject turns to idols – it’s a close race between Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry. Obviously. What do our kids want to be when they grow up? Why, SINGERS of course! So you can imagine our excitement at the news that Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir, the country’s leading choir, is running a day long workshop for kids this September!

SSCC kids choir singing workshop Singapore

The level of dedication the kids have to hitting the perfect note is nothing short of inspiring

When it comes to choral experiences, it really doesn’t get any better than spending a day with the talented conductors at SSCC. It’s a chance for your budding songster to join the choir for the day to learn the vocal tricks of the trade before culminating in a concert for the parents! Best. Day. Ever!

Check out this great video on Facebook of last year’s SSCC workshop and just try to suppress your squeals of excitement…

What does an average day in the life of a SSCC participant look like? It involves discovering and training voices through a range of workshops focusing on musicianship, vocal techniques, performance training. This is achieved through a variety of traditional methods and team building games. Enhance your child’s love of music as they discover the power of their own voice. And they’ll be so busy having fun that they won’t realise all the other social and life skills they’re learning along the way. Nice one, SSCC, nice one.

SSCC workshop HoneyKids Asia

Singing AND making friends – the perfect recipe for a wonderful day out

But wait, we’ve saved the best bit until last. They’ll have the chance to showcase their new skills with a choral performance onstage at the iconic Victoria Concert Hall. Best pack tissues, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

One burning question remains – can adults join in too?

When: 4 or 5 Sep 2017, from 9am for the day.
Where: Victoria Concert Hall, 11 Empress Place, Singapore 179558
Cost: $88 for all participants ages eight (born 2009) to 15 years.

Register: from 5 Jun to 28 Aug 2017.

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