Save up for school with HSBC: Discover your financial planning style with this quiz!

Now that your child’s ready to start going to school, it’s time to start planning! Take this test and find out if you’re on the right financial track…

Once you’ve gotten past the sleep deprivation and the terrible twos, here’s a whole new thing that’ll keep you up at night – paying for school fees! And it doesn’t just stop there. Deciding on the right school, learning about all the different curriculums – it can get a bit much. It’s easy to feel intimidated, especially when you hear how much schools cost. You start to question your spending habits, your rent… which makes you wonder: can I really afford to send my kids to international school? That’s where the folks from HSBC come in…

Planning for school fees, especially international school fees, is just one of the many things they’re experts at. Before you freak out, take this quiz to see if you’re on the right financial track…

HSBC Financial Planning Quiz

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When it comes to financial planning, you can count on HSBC to give you all the answers you need. And with education costs rising, it’s important to start planning early for your child’s education. According to a global survey conducted by HSBC, 49 per cent of parents wish they had started saving for their child’s education sooner. Remember, it’s never too early to start ticking tuition fees off your list. In fact, starting early means you’ll have more time to save!

Ready to start planning? Check out HSBC’s website for more information.

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