How to treat the girls right: 5 ways to say ‘thanks’ to your breasts!

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Mums of the world, let’s talk about boobs. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes deflating, but always amazing boobs (or jugs, baps, norks or knockers, depending on where you’re from). We think it’s time we celebrated our melons for everything they do, and gave them a little “thanks” for the mammaries, with these five ways to be kind to your breasts…

1. Don’t be lazy: get them checked
Let’s get the least fun but – by far – the most important gesture of thanks out of the way first. Get. Them. Checked. In fact, don’t just rely on Singapore’s amazing medical system: check them yourself, at least once a month. Regular self-checks help you get familiar with how your breasts normally look and feel, so you’ll immediately pick up on any changes. If you notice any lumps, swelling, redness, rash, or anything that’s not your norm, it’s time to talk to a professional. Take a look at the Breast Cancer Foundation of Singapore’s simple tips on how to perform self-examinations, then get to it!

2. Treat the ladies to a ‘boobacial’
Okay, we made that name up but why should our faces have all the fun? Take your girls for a little pampering, facial style, and you’ll all feel better for it. Tokyo Bust Express offers a range of services aimed at improving blood circulation in the bust area, which are not only nice and relaxing, but also give things a little short-term lift or shape, if that’s what you’re after. They use pure herb extracts, proprietary technology, and age-old techniques to make sure you leave feeling pampered and a little perkier (so to speak). The treatments are suitable for women of any age, but if you’ve had children and/or you’re on the ‘grown up’ side of 35, this might be the perfect way to say “ta” to your tats.

3. If you like to move it, move it: invest in a good sports bra
We’ve all had it drilled into us, but do we always listen? No matter how large, small, or in-between you are in the chest area, if you’re going to jiggle your cans around, they need support. You might not feel the damage being done in the moment, but over time, vigorous exercise like running or high impact classes can really drag things down later in life, and there’s no turning back. When choosing a sports bra, remember the idea is to slightly compress your boobs so they don’t bounce – looking good is not the main priority here, but there are plenty of great options out there. We like Lululemon and Lorna Jane for their stylish ranges suitable for anything from yoga to the bounciest of high intensity activities. Trampolining? Not a problem.

4. Go on, buy some new knocker lockers
While we’re on the topic of bras, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your underwear drawer. Sure, there’s a time and a place for practicalities, and therefore 27 t-shirt bras is perfectly ok. But what’s wrong with bringing some fun back to the fun bags? Pick up some sexy numbers from La Senza, or if you really don’t want to go the full lacy cleavage, Marks & Spencer has some great bras that are both pretty and practical. Either way, make sure you’ve got the right fit – Change Lingerie at Cluny Court is well known for its top quality fitting service, and a good range to suit all shapes, sizes, and tastes.

5. Remember: your face ends at your boobs
This one is simple. The skin on your décolletage is delicate, and needs to be taken care of. To avoid looking like your great-granny by the time you hit 45, use sunscreen, and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. It won’t hurt to exfoliate regularly too (obviously avoiding the nipples). You don’t have to spend a fortune on products, just grab something natural and affordable, and slather it on every day, from your neck down to your boobs. You’ll thank yourself for it someday.

This post is sponsored by Tokyo Bust Express.