Eco-friendly life in Singapore: why we love PiPPER Standard’s pineapple powered natural cleaning products

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We were super excited to announce that PiPPER Standard’s range of natural, chemical free cleaning products had reached Singapore, and with a bathroom cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner now added to its range, PiPPER Standard is giving us more reasons to switch to environmentally friendly options that are safe for our babies and children. As fellow pineapple fans, we have an amazing discount offer for our HoneyKids readers! But first, let’s tell you about the many magic qualities of pineapples…

It all began with Peter Wainman, the co-founder of PiPPER Standard, developing mysterious allergic reactions, and falling ill frequently. After months of detective work, his wife realised that he was allergic to the chemicals in their household cleaning products. While chemical based household cleaning products are effective, the residues they leave behind can be quite harmful to one’s health. Pregnant women and young children, are especially vulnerable to developing long-term allergies and health issues. Years of research to develop a product range, that was as effective as cleaning brands on the market, but minus the toxins, led the Wainmans and their team to a surprising answer… pineapples.

Yes, PiPPER Standard’s entire range of household products is powered by the secret cleaning properties of pineapples! Please note though, these aren’t ordinary pineapples – so if you’re imaging the decoration on a Pina Colada, let’s clear all doubts.

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PiPPER Standard’s products use the amazing properties of pineapple to leave you home clean and chemical free

The natural power of pineapples
PiPPER Standard’s pineapples are specially selected, and sourced directly from farmers in Thailand, supporting the local rural community there. The fruit is then cleaned using a special in-house technology, and fermented using a U.S patented process. This specially fermented pineapple fluid is the key ingredient in all PiPPER Standard’s products – making them 100% natural, but as effective as chemical based cleaning products. Recently, PiPPER Standard received four additional patents for the pineapple-based formula in its laundry detergent, fabric softener and its household cleaning products.

Safe cleaning for the family
But why does PiPPER Standard get our vote? First, its products are completely free from hazardous petrochemicals, allergens, and radical inducing agents that can create cancerous cells in our body. Enough said.
Secondly, we love how safe the products are for the tiny people prowling around the house. PiPPER Standard’s products are hypoallergenic, irritant free, and are free of all known allergens per the US FDA Allergy Patch Test. This is especially important, because children can develop allergies from chemical residues and allergens in mum and dad’s clothes, bed linen or household furniture. PiPPER Standard’s products create a hygienic, toxin-free home, for the little, and not-so-little people. Bonus points for the lovely natural scents of lemongrass, lavender or eucalyptus that linger…

You can buy the entire range on the PiPPER Standard website, and on Redmart, including two new cleaning superstars:

  1. Bathroom cleaner: It’s available in two fragrances and is non-irritation certified. The natural pineapple power will help you wash away problems like soap residues, and other nasty clogs and odours.
  2. Multi-purpose cleaner: Keep desks, tables, kitchen surfaces, toys, and appliances squeaky clean. Psst… it’s safe enough to use in the kids’ rooms, and even on their toys. It’s also non-irritation certified, and the lovely scent you’ll enjoy is made from 100% essential oil.

If you’ve been struggling to keep a clean home in Singapore minus the harsh chemicals, it’s time to try out PiPPER Standard’s natural pineapple-based products. Choose from its laundry care, or home care products, and feel the difference in your home. May the force of the pineapples be with you!

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