Safe and chemical-free laundry and cleaning products: PiPPER Standard brings green cleaning to Singapore

Cleaning your house with tropical fruit? Who’d have thought it! We’ve cleared out all those harsh chemical cleaning products at home, and replaced them with… pineapples!

We love pineapples here at HoneyKids (you only have to look at our Insta feed to clock that!), so you can imagine how excited we were at the idea of cleaning our homes with this super fruit! We all know that using harsh chemicals in the home is not an ideal scenario: not only are we exposing ourselves to potentially harmful substances, but often these products aren’t exactly ethically sound either. So, what if we said that you can ditch the abrasives, throw out the caustic nasties, and replace them with top-notch, environmentally friendly PiPPER Standard products that will not only make your home sparkle, but are based on, yep you guessed it… pineapples!

Who'd have thought pineapples could be the secret to a naturally clean home?

Who’d have thought pineapples could be the secret to a naturally clean home?

Finding truly natural products to use in our homes can be a bit of a mission here in Singapore for sure… But not anymore! PiPPER Standard has found its way to the Lion City, bringing with it the answer to our ongoing battle to find something safe to clean with. Owned by Equator Pure Nature, these products have been developed after years of extensive research, and the company’s scientists were the clever folks who discovered that pineapples could be used as a substitute for the chemical surfactant usually found in synthetic products. And not just any old pineapples. We’re talking pineapples sourced and purchased directly from local farmers in the rural areas of Nakornsawan in Thailand, which helps to support the local communities. 

The PiPPER Standard pineapples are sifted and sorted to ensure that only the top-of-the-class fruits make the final cut, at which point they are cleaned and fermented using a U.S. patented process. The end result is a fermented pineapple fluid that forms the key ingredient in the products, which is as hygienic as it is effective at cleaning the home. PiPPER Standard also has four additional patents for the pineapple based formula in its laundry detergent, fabric softener and their household cleaning products. It’s a wonder fruit, we just knew it…

But what makes these products different from other natural-based choices on the market? Well aside from the pineapples, PiPPER Standard sits head and shoulders above the crowd by making sure its products are free from all hazardous petrochemicals, allergens and radical inducing agents. These nasties have the horrible potential to accumulate in our bods and could even spark cancerous cells. Not something we want to sign up for.

PiPPER Standard also make great dish washing liquid to keep things clean, sparkly and safe!

PiPPER Standard also make great dish washing liquid to keep things clean, sparkly and safe!

The benefits don’t stop there. We don’t know about you, but we think the battle to find a decent hypoallergenic laundry detergent here in Singapore is very real, so it’s a bonus to find such a lovely solution for little people (and grown-ups) with sensitive skin. Equator Pure Nature detergent products have been stringently and clinically tested, and are, wait for it, certified as hypoallergenic and non-irritant! Hurrah! Extra awesome news? The laundry detergent goodies also contain zero allergens in line with the U.S Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) TRUE Test.

“Too good to be true!”, you’re probably thinking. “Do they actually clean decently?” may be your next thought… well let us tell you this (because we’ve tried these beauties). They do clean marvelously well. Plus they smell divine! We are now living in pineapple fresh, chemical-free heaven.

Their entire range of products is now available on Redmart, so if you are stocking up for the month (or year), choose from PiPPER’s line of household products that include a floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dish washing liquid and multi-purpose cleaner. So if a sparkling, gorgeous smelling, germ-free home is what you’re after, with no need to use nasty chemicals or allergens again, then you’re onto a winner with PiPPER Standard. You are welcome.



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