Bringing up kids in Bali: Lindy Klim on what she loves most about her island lifestyle

She’s a mum of three, founder of skincare range Milk & Co., she models, deejays, and she’s made Bali her family’s home. We’re just a little bit envious of Lindy Klim’s fab life, so had to get her to share some of her secrets…

Long before it was considered hip & happening to jaunt into Bali for a year or more of time out or cool ‘island lifestyle’ living, the gorgeous Lindy Klim and her family were calling Bali one of their two permanent homes.  Splitting time between the metropolis of Melbourne and her glam fashion and ambassador commitments across Australia, with chilled family time in the laid-back surfer ‘hood of Canggu in South Bali has become business-as-usual for this accomplished and effortlessly glamorous mother of three.  Wouldn’t we all love to balance fabulous fashion moments and ambassadorships [Omega, Qantas, MAC to name a few] with gorgeous family time, sunsets and exciting new business plans in Bali.  Ah, yes please! (More on Lindy’s new business adventures coming soon!).

Here, Lindy tells us a little about her Bali loves, and the special places that help make the island home for her and her children [with ex-partner Michael Klim], Stella, Rocco and Frankie.

We all dream of living in Bali, how and why did you do it?
I’m half Balinese and unfortunately didn’t get to know my father who passed away when Stella was born, almost 10 years ago now. I had this big need to come here and get to know the island and family I knew little about.  Along with being a new mum, that time coincided with busy times with Michael working and our starting the business of Milk & Co, so Bali was a place to reconnect as a family and spend quality time together for three months at a time, initially. Then, in typical Bali expat style, we never really went back permanently – we’d stay for longer each time and then start to commute back, we lived like that for a while until deciding to make Bali our home for the children.

Bali offers an amazing childhood experience for Lindy's kids Stella, Rocco and Frankie

Bali offers an amazing childhood experience for Lindy’s kids Stella, Rocco and Frankie

What does Bali mean to you?
Bali is a just a really special place, for so many reasons.  Where do I start? We love way the kids can be and grow up here, it’s so free and natural. I adore their school, the Green School, as do they. They have friends around the corner, can walk to the beach or ride bikes around right outside. It’s like everything we used to do in the ‘70s, they’re only kids and here they don’t get to be preoccupied with TV or advertising like most of the world. I love the way they don’t even know what they want for Christmas as they’re so busy living their life and not at all consumed by TV, a new surfboard is as much as they know to ask for!

For me, it’s about just feeling so calm when I’m here.  One part of my life is quite glamorous and in the public eye, and Bali is the total opposite. There’s no keeping up with the Joneses, no-one cares about what you’re wearing, what car you drive and the rest. Nobody cares what you do. Bali is a great balance because for me, and I’ve got a great group of friends here yet it’s a private place and so easy to feel more centred, do more yogasee great healerseat healthily, do my hippy stuff. Then when I’m in Australia I love enjoying the differences – red wine, red meat, beautiful shoes and handbags!

What’s your favourite cultural experience in Bali?
Without a doubt, it’s Nyepi, [Balinese New Year, or Day of Silence].  We have a great group of friends who come with us over to Alila at Candi Dasa.  They’re so great at keeping the children entertained with beautiful Nyepi themed activities for kids to do. We love the Ogah Ogah parade the night before, and when the island is in darkness over the 24hours of silence, the stars are so bright.  The kids get so excited thinking they can see spirits flying past the island.

What do your children love most about Bali?
Their school, the laid-back lifestyle, their friends, surfing, not wearing shoes!  That’s becoming a biggie lately.  On Rocco’s first day of school, he almost got away with not wearing any shoes or even having his backpack!  He’s always saying, ‘Mum, please don’t make me go back’ as he loves life here so much.

A peek into Lindy's fab Bali pad...

A peek into Lindy’s fab Bali pad…

How is Bali different to other places in Asia?
Bali is such a unique island – there’s really nothing like it in my opinion, for a few reasons.  Firstly, the gorgeous culture and people here is truly what makes Bali what it is, they’re so special and unique. With kids especially, there’s so much for them to do and see, or just be.  And without paying a fee to do anything, it’s a great place for children to have fun.  And more recently, the food! Bali has come such a long way with restaurants & bars, and its service.  We were in Palm Springs recently which was great, but even there the pools and staff are nothing like here in Bali.   It makes it difficult to go anywhere else for holiday, as we’re always comparing it back to Bali!


Family hangout:  
Pan Pacific resort on a Sunday, they have waterslides without having to travel to the big waterparks, the food is great, you can see the temple and it’s quite inexpensive.

Fun/social night out: We’re loving One Eyed Jack at the moment, we’ve been going 2-3 times a week.  And Ku De Ta – especially Sundays for breakkie with kids, and it’s still a lovely place for a sunset drink if you can get early enough.

Restaurants:  La Lucciola for dinner, it’s so romantic, beautiful and the food is incredible.  Upstairs at MamSan is always a good one too and we love Lacalita in Canggu, our local.

Café:  My new favourite one is Shady Shack just around the corner, their halloumi bowls are the best thing ever.  But there’s so many hipsters!

Places to shop:  I don’t do as much as I should but I love Souq, Magali Pascal is always really beautiful and Kim Soo for homewares.  I often pick up my best treasures though on the side of road in the local stores and markets whilst driving the kids to school, I probably do most of my shopping that way.

Follw Lindy’s Bali and Melbourne lives on Instagram [@lindyklim] and get the full interview over at Honeycombers Bali!