Blue House Nursery & International Pre School

Blue House Nursery & International Preschool welcomes children from 6 months to 6 years old through a range of world renowned programmes, inspired by the principles of the Reggio Emilia approach.  Blue House pioneered the introduction of this approach in Singapore and has since become a training ground for educators across the globe through it’s Pedagogical Outreach Programme.  Blue House continues to push the Singaporean early years landscape with their image of the child at the core.  Blue House sees children as capable, curious, competent and with great desire to connect with the world.  Children at Blue House are valued in their uniqueness, encouraged to ask questions, research, seek answers and collaborate through shared knowledge and shared experiences, their learning is facilitated through observation, reflection and documentation.  At Blue House families are considered a part of the school’s DNA, actively invited to be involved in your child’s learning journey, to feel a valuable part of the greater schooling community – a strong sense of wellbeing is fundamentally connected to a child’s sense of belonging, being and becoming.  Blue House offers a series of parent-accompanied programmes for children from 6 months old and a drop-off nursery, preschool and kindergarten programme for children from 18 months to 6 years old.

Image of the Child
Children are viewed as competent, curious, full of knowledge and interested in connecting to the world around them.

Emergent Process
Ideas are shared, work is exchanged and opportunities are created to extend and build upon theories that are uncovered.

Educators as Partners
As co-learners, partners and resource guides, Educators listen, document and support the child’s learning in a collaborative relationship.

Role of Parents
We openly and actively encourage parental involvement creating a genuine and supportive sense of community.

Children become a member of a community rather than an isolated individual and learn through their interactions with peers, adults, objects and symbols.

Role of the Environment
Through space, colour, light, displays of children’s art and attention to aesthetics, nature and detail, our spaces are designed to encourage encounters, communication and relationships.

Through experiencing materials such as clay, wire, charcoal or pastels, children can express their ideas, theories and feelings about the world around them.

A child’s learning processes are documented in detail to make learning visible to the children and families at school.

Blue House Nursery and International Preschool

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Essential Information
+65 6734 0824
Preschool, Enrichment
Infant & Toddler, Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten
Starting Age
6 months
Reggio Emilia,
Year Founded
Foreign Languages Taught
English, Mandarin
Maximum Student Population
Maximum Class Size
14 - 18 children
School Hours
9am - 12noon and/or 9am - 3pm
Nationality Restriction
EduTrust Certified
Teacher to Student Ratio
1:4, or 1:6 dependent on year level
Admissions Interview
What Sets This School Apart

Blue House Nursery and International Pre-School is set along a jungle lane, surrounded by lush nature and with view across to the paddocks and horses beyond, leading to a truly spectacular and peaceful location- something very special in the heart of Singapore.
The school environments, both inside and out are filled with rich possibilities and open ended materials for the children to use in their creative explorations.The environments and materials as set up by the team are always reflective of the school's image of the child- one where the child is curious and competent. .

An international team of qualified teachers and specialist Pedagogistas await to welcome families and together, led by an experienced and passionate School Director the team offer every child a unique and engaging learning experience.

The parent community is truly a special part of life at Blue House- the school is a place that parents will always feel welcomed to be part of the school community and with a fabulous building that offers so many other facilities, including a gorgeous pantry where parents can grab a fresh brew and work whilst they wait for their child-the school is always alive with a warmth and energy.
With a 2000sq foot atelier suitable for even the youngest members of our school community to attend there truly is something for everyone. The atelier, known as the Infant and Toddler Atelier is a Reggio Emilia inspired place that is for children 6months-36 months and is facilitated by members of the Blue House teaching team.

The school community is an important puzzle piece that fits together with the philosophy, environment, parents and teachers to create a wonderful pre-school experience for children.

The wider community provides opportunities for the children to swim, to have football coaching and even horse-riding!

Exciting New Developments

In September 2013 the school unpacked its new framework- a framework that was written by a team of experienced Blue House educators who worked together to create and develop a unique and flexible framework that is designed sit over the fully emergent curriculum.

Developments for the 2014/2015 academic year include the appointment of a full time artist ( Atelierista) who works alongside all of the children with the intention of giving shape to the children's ideas. The Atelierista is also supported by six of the schools resident artists who continue to periodically work with the children. With new additional 'Discover' classes available across the school, children can now enjoy extra art, music, drama, mandarin, dance and yoga.

School Culture
Over the years Blue House has welcomed many families and educators from all over the world and in their words this is how many have described the atmosphere at school.

Homely; welcoming; uplifting; creative;aesthetically beautiful; calm, sensorial and full of wonder.

Creating the right ‘climate’ for children, educators and parents is high on the list of priorities for our school and one that Blue House is very proud of achieving.
Financial Information
Annual Tuition Fee
2 mornings per week: $12,378
3 mornings per week: $15,675
5 mornings per week: $20,535

Preschool: $19,809
Junior Kindergarten: $20,373
Senior Kindergarten: $24,792
Application Fee
Application Fee Refundable
Admission / Enrolment Fee
Building / Facility / Development Fee
Parents Association Fee
Other Fees
Home Visit (optional): $350

Extended Days for Preschool
1 Longer Day : $ 342.00 per term
2 Longer Days : $ 634.00 per term
3 Longer Days : $ 871.00 per term
4 Longer Days : $ 1,097.00 per term
5 Longer Days : $ 1,327.00 per term

Extended Days for Junior & Senior Kindergarten
1 Longer Day : $ 352.00 per term
2 Longer Days : $ 652.00 per term
3 Longer Days : $ 896.00 per term
4 Longer Days : $ 1,128.00 per term
5 Longer Days : $ 1,365.00 per term
Programs Available
Extra Curricular Activities
At Blue House we are lucky to have additional specialist educators who can offer extra curricular activities such as art, music, mandarin, drama, dance and yoga.
Pastoral Care
Special Needs Support


Contact Number: +65 6734 0824

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The Blue House Nursery Singapore

The Blue House Nursery Singapore