Blue House: Classrooms Ripe For Exploration

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Why Blue House is refreshingly different

With an Open Day coming up on 10 May 2014 (see details below to register to attend!) and an extension of 2013/14 term fees for school places booked before 16 May 2014, we think it’s a great time to grab a magnifying glass and really look inside Bukit Timah’s little green oasis that is not only school but nursery, environment and community…

1. The acclaimed Reggio Emilia approach
Hands-on experiential learning is integral to the Blue House philosophy. Named after a city of the same name in northern Italy, the Reggio Emilia approach is built upon the basic life principles of respect, responsibility and community acquired through exploration and discovery, and all conducted within a supportive and enriching environment

2. Support through the ages
Appropriate for children from 6 months to 6 years, Blue House offers options suitable for children at every stage of growth and development. A range of enrichment classes, be it Mandarin or Music, are also available to further enhance the offering.

3. An interactive Infant & Toddler Atelier
Learning is an ever-changing thing and every child is unique. The Atelier at Blue House fluidly responds to a child’s natural curiosity to explore by providing an immersive ‘museum’ full of real life materials and invitations for play, through age-appropriate weekly classes and open-ended drop-in hours.


4. Playtime in a beautiful Nursery building
Little ones (18 months to 3 years) will revel in the freedom to roam and feel comfortable in the security of their own dedicated environment that includes a courtyard, pond, deck, sandpits and water play area. Where is the classroom?   That IS the classroom and each environment is used to encourage learning in conjunction with inspiring indoor spaces.

5. Growing up in the Big Blue House
Children 3 to 6 years old will wonder in the creativity that abounds in their own, Big Blue House. Flooded with natural light and views overlooking the greenery, nearby neighbouring horses, large sandpits and even out-door reading tee-pee, encourages a thirst for learning.

6. Unique classroom setting
Learning takes place through a project and enquiry-based curriculum at Blue House. Discussion between students and educators helps determine topics to be explored that are then subjected to detailed enquiry from a variety of angles. This allows for concepts such as maths, science, social interaction, arts and language to be introduced naturally and in line with the children’s natural line of questioning.


7. Display and re-think
Artwork is proudly treated as a moveable feast at Blue House. Children come to appreciate their own expression and output.  Creations are warmly and frequently displayed and provide an opportunity for kids to re-visit, re-think and re-question their learning.

8.    Learning beyond the classroom
Activities and excursions take place regularly so that children have the opportunity to learn from beyond classroom walls.  Walks to the on site Community Garden, visiting the Recycling Atelier to gather interesting materials for creation, or going to the Library to borrow books, plus off site excursions aligned to interests, help to develop a natural love of learning.

9.    Passionate educators and observers
Blue House educators are trained to act as facilitators and observers. This is an important, progressive and beneficial difference to the more conventional teacher mould.  After identifying the interests and learning styles of each individual child, a low educator-child ratio allows educators to work to foster creativity and imagination with customised activities.

10.  Daily updates for parents
Parents at Blue House are given pictorial and editorial information on activities their kids participate in EVERY DAY. Yes, every day. Care-givers involvement is highly valued and fostered, allowing care-givers to further participate in their child’s learning.

For those with kids 6 months to 6 years, RSVP for the Blue House Nursery & International School Open Day and see all this at play. Refreshments will also be available on site at The Pantry.

>> The deets:
Blue House Nursery & International School Open Day
Saturday, 10 May 2014, 9am – 12:30pm
School Tours 9am, 10am, 11am and 12pm
Taster Classes in Music and Mandarin 9.45-10.15am, 10.45-11.15am, 11.45-12.15pm
2 & 4 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah, Singapore 287988
To RSVP or book for tours or Taster Classes, call +65 6462 6540 or email

This article is sponsored by Blue House Nursery & International School