Looking for NATURALLY captured family moments? You need Polkadot Photography on your radar

Polkadot Photography Honeykids Asia Singapore
No tantrum is too large, no baby is too small and no family is too ‘challenging’ for Polkadot Photography to capture the magic…

You know the drill: You have THE cutest kids on the planet, but somehow the moment a camera is pointed remotely in their direction, the tantrums start, the silly faces take over and that gorgeous white outfit you chose immediately attracts a large blob of something unsavoury. The elusive perfect family shot seems impossible. So what if we told you we have THE answer to the beautiful dream snap you’ve always wanted? And that she comes with a willingness to roll in dirt with your kids, jump in the air for the best shot and wait patiently until your toddler has finished the melt-down? Hayley Durack of Polkadot Photography is all this and more…

Why Polkadot Photography?

Polkadot Photography Honeykids Asia Singapore

We just love how Polkadot Photography manages to capture all the quirks and joys during family sessions. Photography: Polkadot Photography

We’ve been using Hayley for our HoneyKids events for a while now, and her gorgeous results speak for themselves. She not only understands what makes a fantastic shot, but she goes out of her way to get it. No child is too shy, no teenager is too stroppy and no toddler is too mucky for Hayley to weave her photography magic with, and her natural affinity with people make her photography sessions not only pain-free, but fun too. Hayley’s style is to capture the magic as it happens and the best shots are usually when they’re honest, raw, beautiful and fresh. And the best part – she LOVES people and makes an effort to get to know the client before the shoot so that she is well prepared for the quirks and joys of the family… (Hint: ‘my house is a mess’ is music to Hayley’s ears because it’s about being yourself!)

HKA Polkadot Photography Honeykids Asia Singapore

Hayley from Polkadot Photography prides herself on all natural by meticulously edited images. Photography: Polkadot Photography

And the extra fantastic news? You pay one flat fee for a fabulous package that includes:

  • The shoot in your home or at a location that suits you (around 1.5 to 2 hours which allows for warm up time, unexpected kid-fuelled fun or mini dramas!).
  • All the natural but meticulous post-production editing of your images.
  • Delivery of a full collection of high-resolution images from the shoot (usually around 100 photos for you to use as you please).
  • Your fave image (it will be tough to choose, we assure you!) printed as an archival, acid free 11×14” print of your choice.


All HoneyKids readers get a special rate of $750 (usual price $850). No hidden costs, no sitting fees and no sales person trying to upsell afterwards for a lifetime of no hassle and amazing memories. Mention HoneyKids when claiming this offer!


And just in case you decide you do need it, Hayley’s on hand to help you plan which images work best for displaying in your home, and she also offers a full print service to bring your selected favourites into a format that works best for you. Think large format coffee-table books which are her specialty as the photos she takes read like a beautiful story.

Polkadot Photography Honeykids Asia Singapore

Polkadot Photography helps you create priceless memories. Photography: Polkadot Photography

What others have to say about Hayley…

“Hayley has an unique and rare gift of not only taking amazing photographs capturing what you truly look like but also making you feel so incredibly comfortable, natural and at ease that you don’t feel like you’re in a photo shoot. She creates priceless memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.”
— Kathleen and Paul O’Donnell, San Francisco

What we say at HoneyKids…

Having been lucky enough to have many a fun shoot with Polkadot Photography, we love seeing the passion that goes into every shot, the absolute dedication and interest to every family and the determination to create sessions – and results – that really make people smile. We love Hayley and know you will too!

Polkadot Photography, The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089109, p: 8740 7457, e. hayley@polkadotphotography.com; polkadotphotography.com