Fitness for mums: New exercise trend F45 Training hits Singapore – win a free six-month membership!

F45 Training
Hands up if you feel like you need to get your fitness mojo back. Us too! The HoneyKids team reviews the new F45 high-intensity workout loved by celebrities worldwide. And we have an awesome prize of a membership for you!

Feeling the need to get fit? We hear you! Credited with producing such ogle-worthy bods as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Richie, F45 Training is THE new fitness craze taking the world by storm. We sat down with Jayne Street, part-time lawyer and mum to two gorgeous little people who just opened a F45 studio of her very own in Singapore at South Buona Vista! She’s got the lowdown on how this high-intensity interval training will change the way you work out forever. And we’ve got good news – we’ve got a free six-month membership up for grabs for one lucky HoneyKids reader!  Read on for our review of the class to find out why this is the competition you have to enter this week…

Mum-of-two Jayne Street makes fitness part of her lifestyle and is passionate about what the F45 workout can do for other mums.

Mum-of-two Jayne Street makes fitness part of her lifestyle and is passionate about what the F45 workout can do for other mums.

We survived HoneyKids F45 Training class and loved meeting so many of our fit-chick readers too. The verdict? WE LOVED IT. Sure, we were cursing at times because it’s properly challenging, but as far as workouts go it’s the biz! We left feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. Here’s why we’ve already been back for more:

  • There’s no sense getting all hot and sweaty for no reason. This will never happen to you at F45 because you have an awesome trainer right there tweaking your technique and cheering you on. We felt sore to the core for the next week – but we feel stronger already and more capable of chasing after crazy kids nonstop!
  • It’s fast-paced, interesting, and never the same twice. Just as you start to feel fatigued you move on to the next exercise, and you’re too flat out focusing on how to execute the moves to watch the clock.
  • The space is truly state of the art with cutting edge equipment including ropes, sledgehammers, sand bags, rowers, battle roles, sleds and kettle bells. And it’s all bright, shiny and new.
  • You can work out with your friends in small “pods” so you have a buddy to groan with when you’re sweating out those toxins, and to high-five when you’ve completed an exercise. One of the F45 slogans is “Team training, life changing”, and we totally get where they’re coming from.
  • Over the years we’ve tried almost every type of work out – and think F45 wins hands down because it feels like personal training but in a group session (so no pressure!)
  • Pumping tunes are essential to keep you going during a work out. F45 does it right with rocking DJ mixes that really lift your spirits.
  • All classes aim to be “functional” to improve your fitness and overall capacity to get stuff done (as mums we know you need serious stamina every day!). There are different classes every day – cardio based Athletica, weights based Romans and combo cardio and weights class Hollywood, so you can plan your week in advance.
  • We love the whole idea of intensive “on” periods with short breaks in between. For example in the Athletica class it is 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off – which means you know you can work your hardest in a burst as a break awaits!

Jayne, we’ve heard F45 Training is an awesome new fitness regime designed with busy people in mind. Just perfect for mums on the go! What’s it all about?
F45 is its very own style of training – combining elements of CrossFit, weight training and cardio for a high-intensity interval workout. No two sessions are the same, which is why I love it! The fast-paced classes involve many different types of equipment and exercises – so the 45 minutes genuinely fly by. No clock-watching! F45 places a lot of emphasis on ‘team training’, so at every studio I’ve been to (in three different countries) there’s a real sense of camaraderie. And because you burn between 550-800 calories in a class, you see results super quick!

Why are you so passionate about fitness, and how do you squeeze in time to do it?
Fitness has always been a part of my life and who I am.  Since having kids, it’s definitely harder to find the time! Early morning, nap time and after the kids are in bed are my windows to fit in a workout. My top three considerations when signing up to anything are timing of classes, can I park easily and close by, and will I be in and out within an hour? Planning in advance is essential. On a Sunday evening I map out the week ahead, write my workouts into the family schedule, and book the class so I’m 100% committed.

Why is it so important for mums to keep fit?
Kids are full on! Functional training provides mums with the all-over body strength and endurance they need to keep up with little ones. And don’t underestimate the feel-good factor of exercise. I’m a much better mum when I’m happy and take time out for myself – keeping fit enables me to satisfy both of these things. Training in a group also allows mums to socialise – it might be the only adult conversation they have that day.

I’m a firm believer in being a good role model for my kids. My three-year-old son loves his iPad as much as the next kid, but when he sees me in my workout clothes and he grabs his water bottle and towel and says, “Bye bye mummy I’m going to F45”, I let out a small sigh of relief.

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Get ready a fitness challenge: dedicate 45 minutes to build your strength and fitness.

What are the most effective exercises for mums? And what’s your favourite?
I’d recommend a short set of interval exercises – for instance, jump squats, kettle bell swings, mountain climbers and tricep dips (30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeat four times). A quick all-over body work out raises both your heart rate and metabolic rate, so you’ll burn calories for the rest of the day! While I’m all about variety, battle ropes are definitely my fave at the moment. The rapid movement properly gets your lungs burning and works not only your arms and shoulders but your entire body – legs and butt for squatting and your core to stabilise.

Any advice for getting back into shape post-baby?
A wise older woman once told me that baby weight takes nine months to go on, and nine months to come off. It was actually longer than this for me, but keeping this in mind alleviated the pressure. We need to be kind to ourselves after giving birth, our bodies have been through incredible changes and need to be fully healed before even thinking about exercise. Take it slow and build up gradually. When my baby was little I took her along to a mum and bubs boot camp. I started F45 once I felt stronger and mentally ready to leave her home for 45-minute stints.

What’s your approach to wellbeing?
I work hard at achieving a balance in life allocating time to family, friends and MYSELF! If any one of those things isn’t receiving enough attention it immediately affects my mood.  My husband and I sit down and look at how we can change things to get the balance back. I’m a talker – so feel best when I’ve had a chance to chat through anything that’s bothering me. You’ll find me on the phone to my bestie most days!

Psst: The lovely Jayne is opening another F45 Training studio at Bukit Timah (at the Sime Darby Centre) in November, so you can transfer your membership there if the location suits your daily schedule better. No excuses!

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