Skincare for babies and mums: paraben-free, toxin-free skincare by Naif

We’re loving the Naif range of shampoo, baby wash, nappy cream and sunscreen so much we’re using it ourselves!

We don’t want any more angst over what we really need to buy for our babies: when it comes down to skincare and bathing our little ones, we want something that will be kind to their sensitive skin, that’s free from harsh ingredients and works. So say hello to NAÏF – our #findoftheweek. It’s a lovely skincare range created by two dads from the Netherlands who left behind their careers at Google and Unilever to develop the best skincare possible for their own kids, other parents, and the environment. Sweet, right?

We like to read the ingredients and we’re impressed: no parabens or SLS; no mineral oils and no harsh chemicals. There’s nothing in these products that doesn’t need to be there. The active ingredients? Cottonseed oil; avocado oil; macadamia oil… no irritants here, mums and dads.

Our fave? The Protective Sunscreen with zinc oxide, which we’re using ourselves every day. If you haven’t already converted from chemical sunscreens to physical sunblocks, keep in mind that many common sunscreens are toxic to coral, and some contain the ingredient OxyBenzone, which is known to be an endocrine disruptor. At $35.90 we’re sticking with this!

We’re also loving the subtle scents and the collection’s family-friendly, multi-purpose factor: yes you can share, and the amazing Diaper Cream ($25.90) is great for soothing shaving rash too. Why shouldn’t skincare for babies be good for the whole fam? Hooray for less clutter in the bathroom!

NAÏF is now available from one of our fave boutiques, Gallery & Co, and online from