Can you quit sugar and carbs for a month? We tried the UFIT Singapore Clean & Lean Challenge

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We don’t know about you, but our New Year’s resolutions were doomed before the ink had even set on “Make healthier choices”. Fast forward to a ghastly swimwear try-on sesh and the sight of our larger-than-we-thought mum tums were sad proof that we’d been binging on desserts, carbs and wine a little too often. It was the moment we decided to banish our changing room woes, embrace a new steely resolve, and REALLY try and get our bods in better shape. Enter UFIT Clean and Lean Challenge: a short term lifestyle program with long term fitness and health goals for a stronger mind and body. And because we totally understand that trying out a fitness challenge is, well, a challenge, we decided to road-test the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge for you: If we can do it, anyone can!

No more quick fixes
Hands up if you’ve bought into a quick fix diet or a fitness fad, only to fall off the wagon spectacularly with a G&T in hand? Hectic lifestyles often get in the way of balance, but with a little help from our friends at UFIT and its scientifically-proven sustainable lifestyle program, UFIT Clean and Lean Challenge, change is totally do-able. This is NOT just a diet  – it’s a new focus on cleaner eating habits and all-round holistic well-being.

How does it work?
UFIT is one of the very few gyms in Singapore to favour a 360 approach to health, and with the UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge in its 15th cycle, the proof of success is in the happy, healthy clients who have already made long term, sustainable changes. The four-week program is tough, so be ready to ditch carbs, sugar and, yep, alcohol – try and pick a month that isn’t packed with birthday parties and Sunday brunches!

The seminars are a must when it comes to staying on the challenge wagon!

Week One is about elimination: we won’t lie to you – it’s tough cutting out so many types of foods in favour of a clean, lean and green diet – but cauliflower rice WILL get you through, people. The weeks do get easier, and as the four-week program continues with more seminars, Bootcamps and a LOT of salad, you’ll find that the sugar-cravings take a hike, and you’ll start really tasting your food: real food that’s not only enjoyable to eat, but surprisingly filling too (thank you UFIT Clean & Lean Cookbook!)

Did it work for us?

Chelsia – taking a second stab at a revenge bod
The UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge motivated me to go cold turkey on sugar, and the Facebook support group made it a lot easier to cope without my favourite foods (oh, how I missed carbs!) I lost 3kg and 3% body fat in total and I’m a lot more conscious about maintaining a balanced diet.

Tracy – trying to halt the middle age spread
I’ll admit it, I was skeptical (okay, terrified) when I heard I would be giving up all my comfort foods in place of a super clean diet for a whole month. It was a proud day though when I stepped on the scales for my results: 3.2kg and 6% body fat loss! Nailed it – and yes – I’m a little bit smug!

Ilona – needing to lose some baby weight
Giving up dairy was a real eye-opener to me, I normally start my day with an iced latte, cutting this out gave me withdrawals (I can’t do black coffee!) and was my biggest challenge, but once I got over the shock the surprising thing was how much better I slept!

Selina – wanted to see if life was better without sugar and gluten
Straight up, few things bring me as much joy as eating. And there are few things I dread more than bootcamps. I took the Clean and Lean challenge as an opportunity to reset my lifestyle, and relationship to food – especially sugar and carbs. Not easy for someone who starts their day with a large kopi and kaya toast!  As I suspected, my body feels incredibly better without gluten (less bloating = bonus!). And I haven’t gone back to my super sweet kopis. Biggest surprise? I have more discipline than I expected!

Allie – Wanted to get in shape for a beach holiday & shed the last of the post pregnancy pounds
I had been working out pretty religiously the past six months but definitely hit a plateau in terms of results. Initially the idea of cutting sugar (no fruit, what?!) sounded crazy impossible, but I really enjoyed the challenge of experimenting with new foods and recipes.  Don’t get me wrong, the first few days were pretty tough. Meal planning was key in order to succeed and I learned to love veggies. In the end I lost 4cms on my hips, 3% body fat, 1.5kg and I also went down a size in clothes. It’s not something I could stick to 100% of the time, but I have definitely learned to make better choices and eat a more balanced diet.  


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UFIT is Singapore’s largest independent fitness community that offers a 360 approach to health and fitness island wide. For more information, visit their website.

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