Public Speaking & Confidence Building Workshop from the World Champion of Public Speaking

DATE: Saturday, February 23, 2019 - Saturday, April 13, 2019
TIME: 10:30am-12pm
VENUE: 16 Arumugam Road, LTC Building, Singapore 409961
PRICE: $490

This enriching, engaging and transformative program is designed to focus on developing and boosting your child’s communication and confidence skills.

Children will learn models and frameworks to increase their confidence. Public speaking is a collection of using many skills the right way. The core areas the program will focus on are:

– How to develop and boost self-confidence and self-belief
– How to prepare and speak in front of crowds
– How to organise their thoughts before presenting their views
– How to structure their speeches for engagement and impact
– How to present confident body language in front of an audience
– How to project their voices while giving a speech
– How to make eye contact during speeches
– How make impromptu speeches
– How to manage nervousness on stage

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