Expecting a baby? You need a hospital that listens, cares and goes the extra mile during pregnancy and delivery

Looking for a smooth and fuss-free birth experience? Gleneagles Hospital meets all your maternity needs and more

Congratulations, mum-to-be! You’re soon to welcome a little one into the world, and although this might seem rather daunting, with the right maternity care and understanding hospital, labour and delivery are certainly nothing for you and your partner to fear (we get that dads-to-be get a little anxious too!). No two deliveries are ever the same, and each experience is as unique as the preferences you may have in mind for your own perfect labour. Doulas, on-call lactation specialists, or even a bit of John Mayer playing in the background: birth plans are important, and the right choice of hospital can make all the difference for a smooth and stress-free delivery.

We joined three blooming mums-to-be at Gleneagles Hospital while they had an informative – and often fun – chat about the past and present pregnancy experiences that have left them a little bewildered and rather bemused and got leading pregnancy experts, Dr. Christopher Chong and Dr. Mary Yang, to dispel the myths and put their minds at ease…

Gleneagles Hospital: What's the craziest thing your gynae has ever said to you?

Expecting a baby? Then you’re going to need a hospital that really understands parents-to-be and minimises stress at this sometimes worrying time. Find out what these three lovely expectant mums found out during an informative chat with Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore’s expert gynaes, Dr. Christopher Chong and Dr. Mary Yang, following previous rather shocking advice during past pregnancies…

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Sunday, 28 October 2018

Why Gleneagles has got your back

Yes, most women have a birth plan ahead of delivery day, but what every mum-to-be REALLY needs is a hospital that not only understands them, but actively encourages a stress-free labour zone. Gleneagles Hospital gets it. Totally. From the moment an expectant couple step into the hospital, right through until the moment they have their beautiful, tiny new person put into their arms, the team will do everything to make the experience warm, friendly and encouraging. The hospital is full of multidisciplinary teams and there are plenty of safe hands to go around in the form of experienced specialists, dedicated nurses, midwives and lactation consultants: all highly-trained to give you the utmost care.

The lovely mums-to-be had an informative (and fun) chat with Dr. Mary Yang and Dr. Christopher Chong

Gleneagles’ suite experience…

And sweet it is! Delivery is one of the most amazing experiences a couple will ever go through, but it’s also a little, well, tiring. Plump for a single or two-bedded room in Gleneagles Hospital for a lovely big dose of TLC where you can recuperate and bond with your new baby with plenty of staff around to help. For the ultimate experience it doesn’t get any better than the Tanglin Suite (complete with a baby bath for bub) or the Dempsey Suite. Rooms come with a comfy sofa bed for new dads to get some rest on, and every couple will enjoy a host of personalised services including (client to insert). All of the rooms are in close proximity to the nursery so sneaking in some me-time is totally cool, and baby will be nice and close for you to take a peek at whenever you like (we spent a lot of time with our faces pressed to the glass gazing at our own wonderful creation…).

Get a lovely dose of TLC at Gleneagles Hospital

Keen to know more?

This place is awesome! But don’t just take our word for it: book a maternity tour at Gleneagles Hospital at 6470 5615 or visit gleneagles.com.sg/maternity to get a feel of the hospital, delivery suites and rooms for yourself!


Hey mums! If you prefer total privacy when bonding with your little one, there’s the single room guaranteed programme* to consider if you pre-register for the single room package prior to your delivery. For mums who pre-register for a single room in November and December 2018, lodging and parking during the stay will be covered.


You’ve got this, mums (and dads!)-to-be. Pregnancy and labour needn’t be stressful when you know you’re in good hands. At Gleneagles Hospital, we ensure peace of mind for both mother and baby.


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