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We popped into Videre at Forum the Shopping Mall for a holistic eye examination, tried out the ACUVUE Experience Zone and got ourselves a customised contact lens fitting session...

Grabbing a new pair of glasses from the optician every year is part and parcel of growing up in the age of technology, but is that all there is to it? While a solid pair of glasses can correct short-sightedness, other eye problems like astigmatism and colour deficiency might fly under the radar. People may experience different eye health issues at different ages and the sooner they’re identified and corrected, the better. That’s why when we found out about Videre, a vision care boutique with state-of-the-art equipment and a holistic eye examination customised for every age group, we were stoked. Not only does it offer special experiences to educate kids on the importance of eye care, it also walks you through contact lens fitting.

The lowdown on eye health concerns

Having worn glasses since the age of six, we get it. Myopia is one of the most common eye problems and with the rise of technology, Singaporeans, kids especially, are using screens more often. As parents, we need to be vigilant about the strain placed on our kids’ eyes and how it affects their vision. Take note when kids complain of headaches, rub their eyes often and even dislike reading: these could be signs of digital eye fatigue. At such an early stage of their development, kids are most susceptible to influences, which means it’s as easy for their vision to deteriorate as it is to correct it. While many opticians can simply hand you a pair of glasses and send you on your way, it takes a full comprehensive eye examination to pinpoint the full scope of myopic progression and other underlying health problems.

A first-class experience

Videre uses state-of-the-art equipment to carry out its comprehensive eye exam.

At Videre, you’ll get the full experience including a professional eye examination using state-of-the-art equipment, and tailored solutions for your eyecare needs. Videre understands that a child is at risk of different eye problems than adults and has designed four different health care packages for different age groups. We were taken through Videre’s I-GEN eye examination ($60) for kids aged four to 16 years old designed to accurately identify myopia progression, glaucoma, colour deficiency, eye teaming and early signs of keratoconus. The team has seen thousands of young patients and are well-positioned to advise children and teens on the best eye care practices.

Kids can also get a crash course on the importance of eye care at the ACUVUE Experience Zone. Specially designed sports games will let kids experience a gamified version of myopia, glaucoma and astigmatism and show them just how important it is to correct these eye problems before they affect their life. Shoot hoops with National Basketballer Ng Han Bin, run with National High Jumper Michelle Sng and play goalie with National Footballer Irfan Fandi to experience how poor vision can affect your game. Feeling hesitant about wearing lens? Debunk common myths about eye care and find your perfect pair that will best suit your lifestyle.

All your contact lens concerns addressed

Kids will get to feel the contact lens before they put it anywhere near their eye.

For non-contact lens wearers, putting a foreign object in your eyes may be a scary thought but Videre makes the process as smooth as possible. Once your child has decided to try out lenses, they’ll be guided through a trial fitting with a sample diagnostic lens to get them accustomed to wearing contacts. After making sure the lens fits, they’re taught the proper method of wearing and cleaning their lens. Kids will also get a chance to feel a sample lens before wearing it.

After examining corneal health, curvature and tear volume, Videre will walk you through ACUVUE’s extensive range of lens to find which best suit your child. We’ve been wearing ACUVUE since we were teens and not only are they specially designed with invisible edges to maximise comfort, they provide sharp and stable vision while blocking UV rays. Get lens which are specialised to your needs, from correcting astigmatism, to minimising eye tiredness and digital fatigue. The Videre team will advise which lens material and prescription most suit your child based on their eye care needs and lifestyle habits. Sporty kids are typically recommended to wear daily lens for an easier and more hygienic alternative to caring for reusable lens. Teens who want to ditch the glasses can opt for bi-weekly lens or even special beauty lenses to really impress.

Top tips from the expert

We spoke to Senior Optometrist at Videre, Chua Yee Leen who gave us the full lowdown on eye care for kids. Her number one tip? “An undercorrected prescription will worsen myopia in children.” She explains that if the prescription is lower, light falls in front of the retina, causing the eyeball to grow longer. That’s why delaying your regular eye examination can worsen eyesight. Other tips include:

  • Kids need about sunlight for 40min a day to protect retinal health
  • Don’t read or use screens in the dark, especially during the ads in cinemas
  • Skip the phones at bedtime because screen time before sleep inhibits sleep
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule, every 20 minutes, look into a distance of 20 feet (six metres) for 20 seconds.

If it’s been more than a year since your last eye health examination and or you or your child have been experiencing problems with vision, don’t delay! Book an appointment today to pinpoint any underlying health concerns as soon as possible.

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