Baby checklist: What to buy for travelling with a baby and getting out and about

The everything-you-need-to-know-list for being on the go with your baby

You’re about to have a new little human move in with you and you’re clueless as to what they need. You’ve got the general idea that they have basic needs like food, nappy changes and sleep, but with so many products available, walking into a baby store is not helpful. In fact, it renders you helpless! It’s a bit like going to IKEA and leaving with yet another pack of tea light candles and losing two hours of your life that you’ll never get back. Well, we’re here to help. Navigate through the minefield of baby consumerism with our handy checklist of items, and target what you really need with less cash and in less time.

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Here is part 5 of our series on baby essentials: Travelling

Nappy bag
There is no reason, now that you’re a mum, that you can’t maintain style. Invest in a chic yet practical bag for storing nappies, wipes, your wallet and sunnies. Check out Kath Kidston for girly vintage prints, Kate Spade for a geometric look (if you have the budget), Skip Hop for designs that dads can feel comfortable toting too, or go for a local and hip selection at Tribe.
Try: Tribe Bags; Skip HopCath KidstonKate Spade

This is one of the most important items to invest in for an infant and it requires some forward planning. A capsule is designed like a portable car seat and bassinet in one, to keep your baby safe whether they’re travelling in a car or on top of a pram. You will need to get one that is compatible with your pram and car. The added bonus is that if baby falls asleep anywhere along the journey, you can move them undisturbed.
Try: Maxi-Cosi

There are so many options and variations in price that it’s possible that you’ll end up with a few different types parked out the front of your home as the needs of your child and family change. Considerations include: compatibility with a capsule, whether you will be using taxis or your own vehicle; whether it’s heavy or light; whether you need robust wheels for outdoor sports and walking; if you travel a lot and if you want it to grow with your child or even be adapted to take multiple children. Bugaboo recently released an Andy Warhol-inspired range for pop art lovers and is compatible with a Maxi-Cosi capsule; Maclaren does some wicked lightweight versions and Joovy gets our vote for a double stroller.

For travelling, some holiday destinations will provide complimentary strollers, but if you need to take one with you, a Maclaren is a good option as they are very light and don’t take up much room. Take a look at the Velo model. A Maxi Cosi is not compatible with this though so you might need to hire a car seat or bring a portable version.
Try: Bugaboo; Joovy; Maclaren

Baby carrier
Look for something light and comfortable that will distribute the carrying load evenly to save you from back pains. Whatever design you choose, it should be well padded so your baby can sit comfortably as you run errands. The Baby Bjorn Synergy is good for Singapore’s humidity as it’s made of a light and airy material and it allows your baby to face toward your body or looking outwardly. The Ergo is famously super comfy and supportive and baby can be carried on your back or front.
Try: Ergo Baby; Baby Bjorn

Portable cot
A lot of hotels and villas will provide these on request (you may need to bring your own sheets) but having your own is handy when visiting family or friends. By far the lightest, most compact and easiest to assemble is the Baby Bjorn.
Try: Baby Bjorn

Portable car seat
If having a baby won’t dampen your wanderlust (we salute you!), there are innovative car seats out there such as the Sit n’ Stroll that can easily transform into a stroller. It’s a good investment if you intend to travel with baby regularly.
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