International nursery and preschools in Singapore: Blue House adds news classes to specialist early years program

Blue House international nursery and preschool HoneyKids Asia
Family favourite Blue House Nursery and International Preschool has opened up new spaces for kids to join this amazing haven for early learning!

We’ve always had nice things to say about Blue House Nursery and International Preschool. As pioneers of the Reggio Emilia approach to early years education in Singapore, Blue House has continued to offer a unique and highly specialised curriculum, driven by a strong “image of the child”.  It values children in their uniqueness, and believes that they have an innate desire to connect with the world around them.

The Blue House journey can begin for children when they are six months old, and we’re envious of the space and interactivity they have at the Infant & Toddler Atelier in Bukit Timah, or the breathtaking Atelier at UE square– complete with large floor-to-ceiling windows, umbrella ceiling, light pod and magnetic wall.  Unsurprisingly, parents love the Infant and Toddler Atelier program too, and the school has added new Playgroup classes to meet the increased demand.

Blue House nursery and international preschool

Amazing outdoor play: the mud kitchen at Blue House will fire up your child’s imagination!

With more kids keen on continuing their Blue House journey, or starting a new one, the school is also adding additional classes to its nursery program in 2017-18. Hurrah! While this means more places for children aged 18 months to three years, your little one has the flexibility to attend two, three or five days a week. If you’re grabbing your purse and making a dash for the door, there is good news: all applications are made online, and no application fees or waitlist fees are required. So drink that coffee while it’s hot, and read more about the innovative teaching methodology at Blue House for children from 18 months to six years old.

Blue House honey kids asia

Days filled with music, fun and exploration.

At Blue house, creative expression is seen as one of the very first elements of the communication process for children, helping to build confidence, and independence. Blue House has onsite Resident Artists who work directly with the children, and consult with the Blue House educational team. The creative team at Blue House includes Isabelle Desjeux, an artist and previous molecular biologist, and Stefanie Hauger, well-known process painter who will support  its new ‘Atelierista’, Ms. Hilda Diaz, to enrich the school’s artistic program.

Blue House nursery and international preschool Honeykids asia

Blue House is inviting new kids to join its family.

One of the distinguishing factors of this beautiful school is the genuine sense of community.  Parents are welcomed into the learning journey, and can access an online journal with information and photographs of their child’s day at school every day. If dropping off your little one leaves you teary eyed, stop by at the cosy pantry that is run by Blue House parents, for its parents. Have a snack, make some friends, and enjoy the warmth and community spirit that is a hallmark of this school.

Book a tour of their Nursery & Preschool, grab one of the few places left available, and see first-hand why Blue House is a home away from home for so many happy children.

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