What you need to know about maternity insurance and planning for pregnancy in Singapore

Planning on pregnancy? We know there’s a lot to get your head around, but where maternity medical care is concerned, mums-to-be in Singapore are in luck. Singapore’s healthcare system ranks among the best in the world, and the standard of health care for pregnant mums is definitely well above average. What can be a concern, however, is the high cost of maternity care for expats in Singapore. Obtaining maternity insurance is essential for protection against the high cost of pregnancy care. This article by expat health insurance broker Pacific Prime Singapore lets you in on everything you need to know, from waiting periods to some handy cost comparisons across the top hospitals!

How much does it really cost to have a baby in Singapore?
To get an idea on how much it is going to cost to give birth in a private hospital in Singapore, you can visit the Ministry of Health’s hospital charges page for pricing information on the delivery costs charged by private hospitals. Alternatively, you can refer to our table below on typical charges for a private room (one bed). Please bear in mind that the prices listed do not include extra charges such as doctors’ fees and anaesthetist costs.

Besides the cost of giving birth, you’ll also need to consider your prenatal expenses. Every pregnancy is one-of-a-kind, so the number of required tests and consultations will vary for mothers-to-be. Different doctors and specialists will also charge their own prices, so the total prenatal cost will vary per person. That being said, you can expect an overall cost range of $4,000 to about $8,000 for a standard pregnancy without any complications.

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Check out the average costs to give birth at Singapore’s major private hospitals.

As you can see from the above costs, you’ll need to pay a fair bit to have a baby without maternity insurance in Singapore. To avoid breaking the bank, having a maternity plan in place is a good idea to offset these costs. But, what exactly is maternity insurance?

What is maternity insurance, and what does it cover?
Maternity insurance in Singapore is a separate type of coverage from what normally comes with health insurance coverage, and is purchased as an add-on benefit on top of your health insurance plan. This type of insurance addresses the medical costs related to giving birth.

Every maternity insurance plan is different, so it’s important to familiarise yourself with what exactly is covered in a plan before you purchase it. That being said, most maternity plans in Singapore will cover prenatal expenses (e.g. consultations, ultrasound, blood tests, etc.), normal delivery, and medically necessary C-sections. Beyond that, some plans also cover congenital birth defects and delivery with complications.

What’s a waiting period?
As people only purchase maternity insurance when they are planning to conceive, and will drop it once they have delivered their child, insurers face high payout costs with this benefit – so most maternity plans will have a waiting period.

A waiting period is the duration of time that must pass once you’ve secured your maternity insurance plan, before a claim can be made against it. This period of time can be quite lengthy, as it usually lasts about 10 – 12 months. Typically speaking, the shortest waiting period you will find on a maternity insurance plan is 10 months.

With this in mind, it’s important to plan ahead and secure maternity insurance well before you conceive. It’s also best to avoid planning to get pregnant only one month after securing a maternity plan with a waiting period of 10 months, because should a premature birth occur, you could miss out on covering the delivery costs.

What if I’m already pregnant?
If you’re already pregnant, while it’s too late for maternity coverage, you still have options for protecting your newborn. Costs associated with your pregnancy or delivery won’t be covered, but you can still obtain newborn health insurance to cover your baby’s medical care expenses. This can be valuable, as newborns are particularly vulnerable to contracting diseases and illnesses.

With so many maternity insurance plans out there, it can be hard to find the ideal plan for your needs. For help choosing what’s right for you, get in touch with a maternity insurance expert like Pacific Prime Singapore. With years of experience in providing insurance solutions to expats, the team of experts is more than happy to offer impartial advice, as well as a free price quote and plan comparison.

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