Practical yet pretty breastfeeding and maternity bras | Nursing bras that ditch the dull

Breastfeeding mum, Jana, has been scouring Singapore for the unicorn of nursing bras: the practical yet pretty breastfeeding bra... and she found them!

When you’re a first-time mum, shopping for nursing bras can be downright depressing. They’re all too often frumpy, lumpy and totally unsexy. Those gorgeous Victoria Secret numbers get shoved to the back of your underwear drawer and replaced with bras that look like you borrowed them from your gran. Take it from from someone who’s been wearing them for the last two years. Seriously, nothing says “Let’s get it on!” less than a thick bra strap and multiple layers of padding. But when you’re someone’s main source of nutrition and your main concern is easy access for a crying baby, sexy is the last thing on your mind. But what if we told you that it was possible to have the best of both worlds: practicality and pretty all rolled into one? We set out to find the cutest, sexiest nursing bras in the market, and we struck gold…  

The Rosie Pope nursing bra will give you a nice lift in all the right places.

The underwire cups of Rosie Pope’s Underwire Lightly Lined Nursing Bra ($42USD) gives your girls the push they need when they aren’t engorged. Be warned, this bra doesn’t have padding so you’ll definitely need nursing pads! On the flip side, the best part of it not being padded to the gills means it has thinner bra straps than most nursing bras, which mean you can wear it with pretty much anything. And if underwired isn’t your thing, Rosie Pope has a wireless version too!
Available online from


This nursing bra by Dairy Fairy doubles as a pumping bra = so much YES!

For breastfeeding mums who also pump, the Dairy Fairy Ayla Luxury Lace Nursing and Hands-free Pumping Bra ($54USD) is perfect (even if it does a little ‘can’t take my eyes away from the photo’ weird with the pumps hanging off it!). It comes with a mini underwire that gives your breasts the added support and lift you need, but as the wire finishes mid centre, it’s still comfy enough to sleep in. If you’re pumping, you’ll be happy to know that the Ayla has hidden flange openings, which lets you pump away without having to whip your bra off at all.
Available online from The Dairy Fairy


This Candice Lace Maternity Bra won’t break the bank!

Maternity and nursing bras can be quite pricy, but we love the wallet-friendly Candice Lace Maternity Bra ($24.95). The adjustable multi-way straps make it easy to customise the fit, so you don’t have to worry about showing a bit of the dreaded side-boob at an inopportune moment. The best part? It’s made of microfibre so is always comfy no matter how hot the weather gets.
Available from Cotton On, various locations and online


Perfect for layering under a drop arm tank or a sheer summer dress, the Mae Maternity Padded Bralette is a pretty pick

If you’re the type of mum who prefers bralettes over bras, you really need a Mae Maternity Padded Bralette ($69) in your undies drawer. The bralette is perfect for layering under a summer dress or a tank top, and because it’s made by Perk by Kate – a well known connoisseur of gorgeous everyday bralettes – you can be assured that its maternity version will be just as fabulous as its other bestsellers.
Available in Singapore online from Perk by Kate


This seamless bra by Uniqlo stays invisible under your clothes.

Wireless Bra, $29.90,
Although this isn’t officially a nursing bra, this soft cup bra by Uniqlo ($29.90) fits the bill as it’s easy to pull down for easy access. The material is soft and breathable, perfect for the blazing Singapore weather, and it’s also completely tag-free and seamless, which means it stays invisible under your clothes. The best part: you can wear it even when you’re done breastfeeding! Hurrah!
Available from Uniqlo, various locations


A nursing bra that doesn’t feel like a bra is what you’ll get with a Storq Everyday Bra

Storq Everyday Bra, USD$42
The Storq Everyday Bra ($42USD) is the anti-nursing bra of nursing bras, and my all time favourite. It basically takes everything we know about nursing bras and throws it all out of the window. It doesn’t have pads or thick spandex and provides little support but this is the bra that feels like you aren’t wearing a bra at all. There aren’t any clips either–just pull the bra down and voilà–you’re ready to feed.
Available online at Storq

Mothercare Maternity Nursing Bras, $30 for two
Mothercare has always been my go-to for baby essentials, so when I found out that they had decent nursing bras, I did a little happy dance. Mothercare always has great deals, just like this two for one nursing bra set.
Available from Mothercare, various locations and online

As you can see, function doesn’t have to give way to fashion. Just because our bodies are in flux, doesn’t mean that we need to give up our sense of style or self, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.