You’re invited! Ask the experts all your pregnancy, birth and newborn questions

Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Honeykids Asia Singapore
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and The Choolani Clinic have joined forces to bring all pregnant or new mums an essential event aimed at making all those niggles less, well, niggly...

The minute that extra blue line appears on the pregnancy test is the minute that life for a first-time parent becomes an exciting – yet more than a little scary – roller coaster of joy, worry, more joy and way more worry. Because let’s face it: everything you thought you knew about yourself goes out the window when you start growing a human being! Luckily, help is at hand thanks to the experts from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and The Choolani Clinic, where the pregnancy and newborn gurus will help dispel the myths, answer the questions, and allay the bag load of concerns you’ve been worrying about since you tinkled on that stick. The Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond event is happening on 28 October, and you’re all invited (dads included!). Expect guest speakers and tons of wise words on pain relief options, breastfeeding and postpartum depression, a wonderful morning tea plus a pretty swish goodie bag worth $80 including a FREE Love To Swaddle UP Original from the lovely bunch at Bambino.

All you need to do to get in on this exclusive and oh-so-handy event is follow this link to snag your tickets, and then be ready for a friendly chat with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and The Choolani Clinic experts on 28 October, when the informative programme will kick off with a range of discussions including:

  • Dr Mahesh Choolani, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialist from The Choolani Clinic discussing Labour Stages and Pain Relief Options
  • Silvia Wetherell, counsellor from The Choolani Clinic talking about Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression – Symptoms, Treatment and Support
  • Yasa Yong, Lactation Consultant from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital giving great advice on Breastfeeding your newborn: overcoming common challenges
  • Monica Donaldson, Physiotherapist from Body with Soul putting us on the road to Helping the body recover postnatally – practical tips

Grab your spot by purchasing tickets in advance at just $8 per person (or $10 per couple). All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Downs Syndrome Association: great advice and a great cause – perfect!


Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond event, 28 October, 9am-12pm
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Level 9 Conference room 1 & 2, 38 Irrawady Road,  Singapore 329563;