World Smile Day in Singapore: we’re turning our frowns upside down and here’s how…

We get that smiling is sometimes the LAST thing you want to do when the kids just ruined your fave blouse, but we still think there are plenty of reasons to grin it out...

It’s World Smile Day on 6 October 2017 here in Singapore (and throughout the rest of the world), and thankfully we think we have plenty to beam about! Yep, we’ve all had our mum moments where the smiles are temporarily turned upside down in the face of underwhelming (otherwise known as naughty) behaviour from our obnoxious wonderful kids, but ultimately the little cherubs have us pulling way more grins than frowns. (And if all else fails, there’s always coffee and/or wine). Here’s why we are smiling ear to ear on World Smile Day 2017 (and beyond!)…

Find your inner smile: it IS there 🙂
We get it: sometimes it feels like there’s not a huge amount to smile about when the kids are tearing strips off one another, juggling motherhood and your career is proving, erm, difficult, and no one has clean pants to wear to school the next day. It’s these times when even a box of your favourite cupcakes isn’t going to result in so much as a slight smirk. Stop, take a deep breath, indulge in a mum time-out and take stock of all the little happinesses in life that add up to a great big belly laugh. Yes, keeping your cool with your awkward teen is a struggle, but take them on an ice cream date followed by a fun session at an escape room and, voila. Smiles. No, you didn’t make glitter playdough so that your toddler could feed it to the dog, but smile: it was edible anyway. Finding a smile in even the stickiest, ickiest situation by deflecting with a wild storytelling session, an impromptu trip to your nearest water playground or even just a giant mug of mum coffee IS possible.

10 things that make us smile

1. Going on a date night with our partner makes us smile. Wearing a nice dress with zero child-related stains and a glass or two of vino helps too.

2. Finding a taxi uncle or aunty who not only likes a bit of banter, but also helps load and unload 85 shopping bags, three kids and a stroller the size of a tank from the car is always cause to smile.

3. Heading to one of Singapore’s fabulous parks complete with a delicious picnic is a family-pleaser all round. And if the family is happy, we’re definitely happy.

4. Birthday parties make us smile: especially when we nail the perfect cake, the party entertainer turns up on the right day, the homemade favour bags are spot on and the celebrations go off with a bang. Oh, and smash cakes for first birthdays are a definite crowd pleaser!

5. Getting to the end of the month before payday rolls around and discovering a fun-packed affordable activity for the weekend is definitely a relieved kinda smile situation.

6. Pitching up to a restaurant that not only gets child-friendly dining, but also serves up a kids eat free deal is one of the smiliest smiles of all. A supervised kids’ playroom totally seals the smile deal.

7. Going on holiday. Smile Central.

8. Our hounds, kitties and even the small pets make us smile. They’re excellent listeners. Plus they don’t throw things at us or complain that their milk is too milky. Reward their paw-someness with a family outing to a pet friendly cafe, park or even a cruise!

9. Trying new things perks us right up. There’s nothing like picking up a cool new skill at a workshop for adults to bring a ray of sunshine to our lives.

10. Our children’s happiness. Their giggles and love are the source of the smiliest smiles of all.

Happy World Smile Day!

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